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About Yury Gagarin`s flight

something new is harder and harder to find the unknown facts and interesting about this unique person Every year, about people who surrounded it. Nevertheless, it sometimes works well.

Yury Gagarin started by the ship the " satellite; East at 09:07 Moscow time from Baikonur Cosmodrome (then the " ground; Dawn ) . The first message on radio followed only at 10:02.

After flight of Earth the brake propulsion system (BPS) turned on at 10:25:34. The ship slowed down and directed to Earth. From - for malfunctions of the valve in the TDU fuel highway it was disconnected a second earlier. Besides, not at once, to a delay for 10 min. there was a division of the lander (L) and an instrument compartment. As a result of SA and the astronaut landed not in 110 km to the south of Stalingrad as it was planned, and in the Saratov region near Engels where nobody expected landing.

In two days prior to flight Gagarin wrote the letter to Valentine`s wife. He knew that very dangerous action is necessary to it, the risk for life was very big. This letter:

Hello, my darlings, hotly favourite Valechka, Lenochka and Galochka!

Decided to write here to you several lines to share with you and to share together that pleasure and happiness which to me dropped out today. Today the government commission decided to send me to space to the first. You know, dear Valyusha as I am glad, I want that also you were glad together with me. To the simple person entrusted such big national objective - to pave the first way to space!

Whether it is possible to dream of bigger? It is history, it is a new era! Every other day I have to start. You will go about the own business at this time. Very big task laid down on my shoulders. It would be desirable to stay a little before it with you, to talk to you. But, alas, you is far. Nevertheless I always feel you near myself.

I trust in equipment completely. It should not bring. But happens that out of the blue the person falls and breaks to itself a neck. Here too there can be something. But I do not trust in it so far. And if that happens, then I ask you and first of all you, Valyusha not to be killed from a grief. Life is life, and nobody is guaranteed that it will not be crushed tomorrow by the car. Protect, please, our girls, love them as I love. Grow from them, please, not shirkers, not mother`s daughters, but the real people to whom potholes of life would not be terrible. Grow up people, worthy new society - communism. With it you will be helped by the state. And arrange the private life how will prompt you conscience as you will consider necessary. I on you do not impose any obligations and have no right to do it. Something too mourning letter turns out. I do not trust in it. I hope that you will never see this letter, and it will be a shame to me before by itself with this fleeting weakness. But if something happens, you have to know everything up to the end.

I lived honestly, truthfully, with advantage for people so far though it was also small. Once in the childhood read V. P. Chkalov`s words: If to be, then to be the first . Here I both try to be him and I will be up to the end. I want, Valechka to devote this flight to people of new society, communism which we already enter to our great Homeland, our science.

I hope that in several days we will be together again, we will be happy. Valechk`s

, you, please, do not forget my parents if there is opportunity, then help with something. Give them from me greetings, and let will forgive me for the fact that they knew nothing about it and they should not know. There now, apparently, and all. Good-bye, my family. Strong - firmly I embrace you and I kiss, with greetings your father and Yura. 10. 04. 61 g Gagarin

Gagarin asked command to hand this letter to the wife in case of his death. Valentina Ivanovna read it after death of the husband in plane crash on March 27, 1968.

From V. Rossoshansky`s book Gagarin`s Phenomenon :

announcer of the Moscow radio Yury Borisovich Levitan on April 12, 1961. still slept tight when he was woken by phone call: Urgently in studio! The car already for you left ... In a few minutes for me the car comes and at a wild speed brings to studio.

There hand me the text Messages of TASS on flight of the person in space I run along a long corridor, quickly catching sense of written. I am stopped by companions and ask: What has happened? About what the message? I shout:

- the Person in space!

- Who?!

- Gagarin!

Turned on the microphone:

- Moscow Says! All radio stations of the Soviet Union work!.

Yu. B. Levitan admitted: I Read the text, I tried to be quiet, but tears of joy dimmed eyes. So was and on May 9 when I read Act of unconditional surrender of Hitlerite Germany . These transfers went straight in air, to people, to our compatriots and, of course, to all people of Earth .

From V. Rossoshansky`s book Gagarin`s Phenomenon :

B 15:25 Il plane - 14 with Yury Gagarin onboard flew up and headed for Samara Approximately in an hour the plane landed in Kuibyshev, in factory airfield on Bezymyanka. At the check point the big crowd of workers of plant gathered and to avoid disorders, the plane stopped on the most distant parking. There came by cars the local party and state management, group meeting from Moscow. While by plane suppressed engines, opened a door, mounted a ladder, quantity meeting extremely increased.

Yury Gagarin in left the first of the plane it is gray - blue overalls (podskafandrovy clothes). Soon Yury Gagarin was transported on the obkomovsky dacha on the high coast of Volga where he, at last, has dinner normal terrestrial food, took a shower.

And here is how Yury Gagarin in the book described the first hours on the Kuibyshev earth:

In these concerning first hours of return to Earth from space there were many joyful meetings with familiar and unfamiliar friends. All were for me relatives and the family. Appointment to German Titov who together with other companions arrived by jet plane from the spaceport to the region of a landing was especially touching. We hotly embraced and long in the fulness of the heart friendly tuzit each other fists.

- It is happy? - he asked me.

- Very much, - I answered, - you will be also happy next time.

He very much wanted to ask on everything me, and I very much wanted to tell about everything to it, but doctors insisted on vacation, and I could not but obey to their requirements

In the same evening Gagarin tried on just sewed new form with mayorsky shoulder straps.

L. Gagarin, Samara