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Beliefs of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

of Belief to extend need to have fidelity to defend to prove the correct new outdated backward modern identical own strangers public depend different to develop belief value definition formation to change to share

z Belief - surely developed opinion, the point of view, a look.

pzv In formation of the correct beliefs of the person very important role is played by spirituality, morality, philanthrophy, benevolence, love to the nature, activity

kz Beliefs - the confidence grazes.

z Belief - is supported by belief. there is no

zpv Not the best way of distribution of beliefs through violence, imposing, coercion, pressure

and Without belief - idea and the purpose.

to Belief - an outlook support. there is no

and Without belief - views and opinions.

z the Firmness of beliefs depends on clarity of mind.

to the Beliefs which did not get into soul - are weak.

and Beliefs are born through representation of the world through understanding and feelings.

of stars Purposeful development of beliefs - a maturity indicator.

to Belief - children of reason and feelings.

z Beliefs of the person are formed through knowledge, feelings, emotions, thinking, supervision, experience, the analysis, conclusions, mood, health by

pv Uneducated consciousness - a hindrance to development of the correct beliefs.

pzv Cannot develop the correct beliefs - in area which is not studied and is not experienced.

z In formation of beliefs are necessary knowledge natural, socially - historical, technical, philosophical, everyday

zpv Beliefs have huge practical value, influencing wellbeing, behavior, life, interests, the purposes, a way of life, the relations of people

z introduce Essential amendments in formation of beliefs

of requirement, aspiration, interests

z Beliefs significantly change from understanding that such good and evil.

zpv Forming beliefs, it is necessary especially carefully belongs to emotionally - a psychological component, understanding that it no more than attitudes, but also on the other hand you should not reduce this process only to an intellectual basis.

z Beliefs of the person depend on way of his life and traditions.

z influence beliefs vital values.

z Beliefs of people change depending on in what they see sense of the life.

z the faith in God Cardinally changes beliefs of the person.

z influences morality through shame, conscience, compassion, mercy, call of duty formation of beliefs sk The easiest to change

the world - having changed beliefs.

p the First girlfriend of new belief - has to be discussion.

of C of Belief have to are born - as children in the person, but not to gather - as flowers in the field. there is no

p anything more silly - how to form the beliefs depending on mood.

of C the Correct belief - is truth.

from From different beliefs - only one in this case is correct it and in the field of knowledge, an assessment of values, correctness of behavior - are dissolved by

from Belief in benefit.

from How many times of people changes the beliefs - so many lives it live.

z Change of beliefs can take away the person to other world, life, community, generation

pv Beliefs without self-control - nothing.

of C At the people who are not self-controlled belief one - life another.

to the Print of beliefs - on a human face.

p can result the Wrong beliefs in defects, offenses, and even crimes.

pv When beliefs are wrong - human life and his relatives turns into a nightmare.

lpk Fidelity to beliefs - is good. But whether beliefs are right?

lvp Nonsense to have beliefs - is compelled, will trust in a rumor.

and Beliefs of youth - the most resistant.

d to Change beliefs - means to be mistaken.

p Beliefs without doubts - big nonsense.

z Correctness of beliefs in many respects depends on knowledge of people and the world.

z the Important tool for formation of beliefs - philosophy.

z Essential deformation of beliefs of the person occurs under the influence of a reproduction instinct.

z significantly influence individual beliefs - the widespread and dominating moods of society.

z Correctness of beliefs is promoted by clarity and flexibility of mind.

z In installation of the correct beliefs not to do without logical thinking. p the Person along with own beliefs has to present to

a picture of views of various societies.

zd to the Person difficult is in society of belief which he does not know or does not divide.

z to Installation of belief is promoted by intuition and ingenuity.

zd Beliefs undergo changes from - for new conditions.

p In beliefs is important accord, systemacity, depth, clarity, clearness

z on the basis of beliefs can be assumed - by what way the objectives of the person, society will be achieved.

z on the basis of beliefs is made an events assessment.

p In beliefs is very important - logical symmetry.

p Formation of beliefs has to be purposeful - but not spontaneous.

z the Difference of beliefs is extremely necessary in search of truth.

z Is people who prefer to the choice of own beliefs a consent or rejection of strangers.

z Assimilation of only already existing ready beliefs, without judgment, the analysis and search - destroys the personality.

and On beliefs can be judged the person.

zd Beliefs - is sincere.

and Beliefs turned into dogma - grow stiff.

z Some beliefs - no more than a habit.

z the good support for formation of the correct beliefs serves the analysis and experience.

zp the Hindrance of the correct formation of beliefs - false information.

zp the Hindrance of the correct formation of beliefs - haste and vanity.

and Beliefs come with age.

and In the childhood of people looks at the world in many respects eyes of parents, in the middle age - idols.

pz Normal beliefs can be born only in coherence and steadiness of all aspects forming them.

zp That will get rid of an inconsistency of beliefs, it is necessary to begin with simple everyday truth, slowly moving, coordinating them among themselves.

z Formation of beliefs the most difficult mental, spiritual and practical work.

zp In formation of the beliefs of people is simply obliged to consider last experience of society and the forthcoming future, spirituality of ancestors, the general outlook and not to perceive them separately.

z the General beliefs - something between all views in big socially - historical scale.

z the General beliefs influence formation of individual.

zp Unsystematic character in development of beliefs - as a rule, results in their discrepancy and violation of logic.

z Beliefs of the person is only that - what it is confident in.

p the Dissonance in beliefs of the person - is not admissible, they have to be - a complete complex of views. p the Dissonance in beliefs of different homo sapienses leads

to search of truth, fools - to hostility and hostility.

z Help for formation of beliefs serves inquisitiveness.

but not having the beliefs - is similar to a parrot.

and Changing often beliefs - is similar to a weather vane.

p Everyone has to have own beliefs.

pzv Intolerance to foreign beliefs - interferes with development, establishment of truth, adoption of the correct decisions.

p Beliefs is favorable to exchange Views.

and Silent beliefs - are dead.

from Belief promote thinking.

zpv depends On correctness of beliefs of the person his destiny and wellbeing.

and for beliefs - the person can go to death.

zp Blind confidence and fanaticism - the soil for the birth of wrong beliefs.

izp Correctness of beliefs is promoted by doubt.

z to Formation of the correct beliefs - is promoted by an insight.

and Formation of beliefs - process creative.

zpv Formation of Beliefs - has to is under construction on reasonable justification.

z - influence formation of beliefs ideas.

z Beliefs of the person depend on his activity.

z influence beliefs of the person ingenious people.

p - influence formation of the wrong beliefs great adventurers.

and Change of beliefs leads to changes.

and Happen in life the moments when it is necessary to arrive contrary to

of the beliefs - if the knowing person or the professional so advises you.

z change New beliefs of the person.

and Beliefs it is possible to influence people stronger, than force.

p can turn Into belief repeatedly repeating information.

z Beliefs form outlook.

zd helps to Remain faithful to beliefs will.

zd Beliefs influence behavior of the person.

z Through a prism of beliefs of people estimates all events.

zd depends On beliefs the attitude towards people.

pzv us sometimes

push Personal interests, beliefs, living positions on actions which we infringe on interests of others,

that is aggravated with the fact that they have other beliefs and vital

positions. And each of the parties is convinced of the correctness.

From this deadlock an exit one - to learn to work not only

taking into account the interests, but also interests of all who enter a zone of the made decisions.

zp significantly depend On beliefs of people their human qualities. zp the Person gives to

the beliefs for the sake of achievement of the purpose.

zpvd Loss of the correct former beliefs occurs under the pressure of defects, temptations, pleasures p Manipulation with beliefs - is not admissible


pv Beliefs have to change thoughtfully and first of all because of growth of spirituality and knowledge.

pvd the Beliefs created because of harmful influence - are pernicious.

about Formation of beliefs has to occur in favor of the nature, but not a civilization.

zpv the Difference of beliefs between people - is softened with mutual respect.

d very strongly influences formation of beliefs education.

d influence formation of beliefs mass media, the Internet, books

and Beliefs of the person is shown, in word and deed.

p When forming beliefs should not seek to accept a majority position - it is necessary to listen to the heart and reason.

pzd The more different beliefs at people - the is more difficult than their relation.

and Society and the state have to cares for formation of the correct beliefs at people.

z to Change of beliefs is disturbed by a habit.

zd depends On beliefs a way of life of the person.

z Confusion and an inaccuracy in beliefs enters lie.

z forms Beliefs - communication.

and Special beliefs - are dangerous.

z to the Person will difficult change - without changing belief.

z in many respects depends On similarity of beliefs understanding each other people.

p From - for the beliefs changing with age occurs misunderstanding of generations.

z Change of beliefs promotes disposal of unnecessary habits.

On beliefs can be judged the person, his life and the forthcoming future.

zd Through change of beliefs of the person it is possible to affect his character and behavior.

zp Beliefs of the person - have to be among themselves conformable.

zpv Than raznosherstny and protivorechivy beliefs of members of society - the is more explosive a situation in it and it is worse the relations and understanding between his members.

lp Than the person is lazier in reflections - that it is hastier in the choice of beliefs.

kp that does not change beliefs - who does not grow.

lp Unanimity of beliefs is frequent at indifferent.

p needs to be done periodically revaluation of the beliefs. p We often renounce

the beliefs - satisfying requirements.

p Be afraid of contrast of beliefs in yourself.

in Contrast of beliefs destroys outlook and obscures reason.

vzp Some people constantly change beliefs in relation to same. And these opinions are often directly opposite. Over time they finally get confused. It is possible to consider that they in general any have no own beliefs and cannot have. The person without opinion cannot act right therefore these people live incorrectly, making the mass of mistakes. Without having improved this situation, they have one exit - to find in the guide`s life, it is better than the relative, and is blind to it to submit.

pz Discrepancy should be eradicated, since the simplest concepts, having stopped at the same time communication with liars and fumblers, having excluded contact with information on the highest matters.

pz At discrepancy eradication plays the predominating role coordination of knowledge among themselves in one logical whole.

to New beliefs - other person.

pz first of all it is necessary to influence own beliefs through thinking.

pz the Beliefs imposed from outside are less clear and close they may contain the deception nature.

d At many people the most fertile field for the birth of beliefs - is benefit.

d Only the beliefs which are given rise on the basis of justice and high morality - have the right for life.

z On education and formation of beliefs of children the big mark is left by business in which parents are engaged.

z Beliefs are often obliged to sympathy and desire.

p can lead Non-standard beliefs to loneliness.

z Beliefs - lie grow dim.

p In a denial of beliefs tranquility, a step, restraint - is more important than arguments.

d Anger and shout are not capable to convince, it in power only to tranquility and restraint.

and the Categoriality - the sister of nonsense.

d Opinion of the majority - nonexistent can make reality.

and People who perceive something differently - the person considers sillier than.

p the Person should not get rid completely of children`s beliefs - sometimes more correct and close to the nature.

d Positive beliefs - the road fortunately.

kpv Beliefs - build up character.

p Wrong belief prevents to see truth.

with do not allow the - to define beliefs truth, they can use - in difficulty of the choice of the direction of search.

p To public beliefs it is necessary to listen - but to trust not blindly of

d the Exchange of beliefs promotes search of truth.

d the General beliefs - unite.

and Stronger than beliefs is united by idea.

and Silly to have beliefs - on a habit.

in At the knowing person of belief is more correct.

and Beliefs are capable to grow on coincidence and accidents.

and Some people are inclined only to distinctive beliefs. nothing remains to

with the Person how to have belief according to the hint of others in that, knowledge about what it has no, or in what he is not able to comprehend. and it is easier for

to convince the Person of desired.

p Convincing - do not allow persistence and excessive diligence.

and is more convincing than arguments - fear.

d Convincing facts - hope.

p is important For belief ability in conversation to select significant words.

about Belief leads to the end of a way in knowledge.

yu Beliefs of the fan - are unshakable.

yu to the Nature unlike a civilization is not conducted what is beliefs - it concerns only reproduction.

yu The easiest will get rid of ordinary beliefs - having made them the general.

yu Each person has the right for the of belief - but people have a right to pass them, by ears.

yu the Right for beliefs - does not protect from troubles.

yu Singularity of beliefs is more often from nonsense - than genius.

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