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How it is correct to choose candles, considering their value?

the Flame of a small spark so bewitch that we cannot long tear off a look of the fluctuating candle spark. Still we believe in magic of the flaring candle capable to drive away evil spirit, to save from misfortune. With entreaty and hope put candles to icons. And those, crying for people thaw, burning down completely. Long since it is known that the flame of a wax candle neutralizes conflict situations, brings the world and rest in the atmosphere of communication, clears and harmonizes a biofield of the person and the room.

It would seem what we should light a candle - as easy as shelling pears! But the true art - is correct to make it. That wax melted evenly, straighten a match strictly up and bring to it a long match, but do not incline a candle to fire source. It is important where and in what mood you light it. If you are angry, tired or unhealthy, it can badly inflame, crack and darken.

To clear itself and the house of bad power, use church candles. Masters the fan - Shui recommend to put them in North - east part of the house, it promises stability, rest and prosperity. That life in the house boiled over and negative energy did not stand, it is recommended to burn down candles in house corners, in doorways and niches.

Mexicans thought up candle horoscope in which they sincerely trust. On their belief, white candles for Cancer - they attract lunar energy and aggravate sensitivity. Red - to Scorpions and Arieses - strengthen love and restore the power field. Orange - to Twins - promote creativity, clear up thoughts, help to find composure. Violet - to Maidens - aggravate intuition.

Blue - to Sagittariuses, Fishes, Capricorns, Aquarius - promote achievement of harmony and mutual understanding in a family. Green - to Tauruses, Scales - success, hold with jealousy and envy. Yellow - to Lions - help to gain people around and to succeed in business. Pink - patronesses romantics and lovers. Their Mexicans advise to light everything once to see the world in pink light.

Bad mood, grief - just right the flavored candles . The burning candle with aroma of orange will banish fatigue, will lighten mood; carnations - will subdue a headache, will calm after difficult day; a lemon - will encourage, will load with energy, will improve appetite, will protect from cold; roses - the sexual desire will help to relax, awaken; apple - will exert beneficial effect on warm system, will rescue from migraine. But it is possible to use their about half an hour - and the pleasure goes on harm!

And for mood an important role is played by color of a candle. To their purchase it is necessary approaches providently. Pink candles kindle love, awaken tenderness, favorably influence nervous system of children. If you were tired of vanity and look for a pacification and rest, use candles of blue color. Red candles attract success, money and raise power; increase sensuality, kindle passion, stimulate physical activity. If in the relations with darling there came frosts, light a red candle in Hugo - the western part of a bedroom.

Yellow candles fill with energy of optimism and creativity. Green introduce to the house harmony, the world, and forces for healing from diseases. Lit in Hugo - east part of the house they attract money and wealth. For reception of guests, a party with friends prepare orange candles. They are carriers of energy of pleasure, friendliness and enthusiasm. Violet color - color of secret, intuition and thin matters. Guess what they are suitable most of all for?

Black long since were considered as attributes of satanic rites. But not color of a candle, but thoughts of the one who lights it loads space around. Therefore they can become fine decoration of a bedroom, especially if are in harmony with black silk bed linen. White candles include all colors. They can be used at any time and in any place. They give the strongest feeling of purity and freshness.

Choice pleasant to you!