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How to create the first video lesson?

Before starting the answer to a question: How to create the first video lesson? I want to explain for whom my material is intended. And it is reasonable as this subject can interest not everyone. At least, at the time of reading of this article.

I will begin with the fact that in connection with a global computerization and development of the Internet in Russia interest in information placed in a video format considerably grew. It was not small earlier, and now after information transfer speed increased in the Internet, demand for video files became just huge.

Of course, the most part of users of the World wide web free downloading of movies, computer games and the training programs interests. But there are people, and there is a lot of them which look at such prospects much more widely.

In - the first , it is the bloggers and owners of the websites having the Internet - business. They had a remarkable opportunity to create and place the video messages training video records and the presentations on the pages.

In - the second , it is teachers of higher education institutions and high schools. They can create video lessons for the pupils. It is very convenient as now in classes interactive boards and computers appeared. I do not speak about students - correspondence students for whom lectures in a video format are simply irreplaceable!

In - the third , it is simple PC users who in house conditions, without having any special equipment, can create family video albums, the congratulatory presentations and even animation animated films.

Thus, creation of video - interesting and fascinating occupation which can be used as in professional activity, and as a hobby.

It is necessary only to learn how to create it.

How to reach skill in creation of cool video lessons?

Actually here is present

nothing terrible and impossible, it is only necessary to obtain a little useful information and it is correct to apply the gained knowledge.

Undoubtedly, experience is necessary too, but, as they say, experience business acquirable, and he who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill! So everything, first of all, depends only on you, on your desire and commitment!

What is ways of creation of video lessons?

1. Record of video by means of a digital video camera. you Put a chamber before yourself and you give useful information, then you keep record on the computer and you post On the Internet, we will tell on the same YouTube. com, blog or website.

2. Record of video from the computer screen. Differently it is called a skrinkasting. Here besides the computer you need the microphone and the special program for record and the publication of skrinkast Camtasia Studio.

Skrinkast (screencast) - digital video - and the audio recording made directly from the computer screen also known as video screen capture (dosl. video capture of the screen).

As occurs process of record in Camtasia Studio?

we allocate to

On the screen of the computer that area in which there will be a record, further we press the " button; REC and record went.

in the course of record can use the presentation created earlier, to show and tell about work in some program or, say, how to use this or that service. In a word the Camtasia Studio program is ideally suited for creation of the training video lessons!

Council to beginners!

Put a video camera aside so far and begin to create the first video lesson in the Camtasia Studio program. Why I recommend to

this way? And, above all, how to make it? All of you learn from my training videocourse How to create the first video lesson? which, by the way, I wrote down in the Camtasia Studio program too!

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