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Diets. ru: we grow thin not dull already whole year! You are with us?

Separate food calculation of calories IMT a photo before and after plateau consultation of the nutritionist - all these spells are not terrible at all that who grows thin not dull on the social network Diets. ru!

Exactly a year ago the website opened the virtual doors to the first visitors and today already 45 000 people chose Diets. ru the faithful assistant in the weight loss. What on this website of it what forces to leave, without excess tears, extra kilos? Each of participants finds the answer. It is easier to tell about what on this website is not present:

There are no laziness and a disorder - everyone will find the motivation here and will order the mode. Clever options of the website - calculators for growing thin, tables of caloric content, diaries of food and sport, a female calendar, the schedule of self-discipline and a lot of things are many other things will help you to analyse all changes in an organism, to competently plan food and physical activity, to say goodbye to addictions and to get useful.

There is no indifference - the whole-hearted support of strangers will inspire you still yesterday! And any troubles it is always possible to have a snack not on a chocolate, and sweet chatter with cheerful girlfriends.

There are no questions without answers - the solid catalog of diets, free consultations and conferences of experts, fascinating author`s articles and, of course, experience of girlfriends will help you not to be lost with the sea of information.

There is no loneliness - in clubs of joint weight loss, in groups and on the user marathons of symmetry you will be able to grow thin in team!

There are no unnecessary complexes concerning a figure and weight - all participants of the website very different: someone came to get rid of ten kilograms, and someone - of one hundred. The equal respect and participation in life of all distinguishes amicable community Diets. ru. The most constraining can keep the schedules of weight and diary entries in the " mode; only for friends and also to communicate in the closed clubs and groups.

There is no boredom - the motto of the website - We Grow thin not dull works for all hundred - entertaining competitions with valuable prizes, fascinating actions and cheerful flashmobs will not allow to start missing even that who considers that weight loss - it is serious!

No You. And it, perhaps, only thing is not present in this list which should be corrected! Come to celebration of Birthday of the website and remain with us!