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How it is correct to choose glasses?

a Large number of councils for selection of frames are directed to creation of a certain image of the person, at the same time consultants often are guided by the last styles. But as the fashion is changeable, these councils lose the relevance over time.

However there are constant factors which always need to be considered at selection of frames, are anatomic features of a skull of the person. The neglect them can lead to emergence of feeling of discomfort. Let`s look how the anatomy and selection of frames are connected. Here we will talk about bones and cartilages.

The pyramid of a temporal bone and a temporal bone is formed by

Behind an ear in a junction of a pyramid of a temporal bone and temporal bone the deepening passing into the arch. More often it has the convex form. However in extremely exceptional cases behind an ear it is possible to find a direct and flat site of a bone. The form of an earhook or form of its end has to correspond to a shape of a bone, thereby as if repeating its contours.

A nasal bone

the Nasal bone - a steam room. It is formed by two adjacent plates connected by a cartilaginous seam. Points when carrying constantly press the weight on a nasal bone. Therefore points have to adjoin precisely the nasal part to a nasal bone, repeating its contours.


the Cartilage represents elastic substance which by separate consideration seems translucent, molokoobrazny. With age cartilages lose the elasticity owing to calcium deposits. Therefore at elderly people of a problem can arise rather here, than at youth.

Nasal cartilages

of the Plate of a nasal bone are connected by cartilaginous connection - a seam on a nose back. At continuous glasses wearing, pressing on a seam, the so-called scar from points can be formed over time. This scar under certain circumstances can become the reason of pain and, respectively, it is essential to complicate selection of new points.

When a nasal emphasis is put too low when points too narrow in nasal part or, on the contrary, constantly move down, cartilage walls in forward part of a nose can become weak and even to be deformed. It in turn considerably will complicate breath. As a result - something like cold what usually is at cold. Points quickly become a burden - they need constantly to be corrected the mimic movements of a nose or cheeks, and sometimes and just fingers.

An ear cartilage

the Ear cartilage differs in extremely irregular shape, each person has it the. It forms a furrow (trench) between the top auricle and a temporal bone, directs down and passes through the deepening formed by a pyramid of a temporal bone and a temporal bone.

Muscles are adapted by

of the Face muscle not only for protection of sense organs and a mouth - they are some kind of tools of expressiveness of sincere experiences, intellectual and physical tension. And the frame should be selected such that it did not mention those sites of skin which are displaced at reduction of mimic muscles. It concerns area of cheeks, a nose bridge and eyebrows. Irrespective of whether you frown a forehead, you wrinkle a nose or you laugh, points should not be soiled and displaced at the same time. The weight of a frame has to be distributed whenever possible evenly - naturally, considering at the same time specific features of model. Too strong pressing can cause unpleasant, however easily localized muscle pain. It is equally fair as to nasal, and ear area. So in your forces to acquire glasses which would not prevent you to grimace with pleasure!

And all - points in the modern world are part of image. So if you executed all told above, or almost all, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects:

Glasses should be chosen according to lines of your person.

If at you angular features, a form of points has to be with the rounded edges.

Square and rectangular points approach round features.

Psychologists advise to choose points with not a noticeable frame or with its absence. The allocated frame attracts attention and covers part of your face, thereby psychologically pushes away from you people.

the good example - politicians. Their purpose - to gain trust of a people at large. And here a lot of things depend on image. Pay attention to a spectacle frame of politicians! It is almost not noticeable.

Good choice!