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For progressing it is necessary to change constantly?

are necessary For progressing constantly will change, every minute, every second, to change to the best.

B time which is released to us we have to live and work so that we got what a seed, passed to the next generation as a flower, and what got a flower, would pass to them as a fruit. Here that we understand a code progress. (Henry Ward Beecher)

Limiting the occupations by one narrow area, not using the benefits of changes or derivations, the person can come to such exinanition which sometimes destroys imagination. (Edward Dzh. Ul)

Action and counteraction, inflow and outflow, tests and mistakes, changes - here a rhythm of our life. From excessive self-confidence - fear, for fear - clearer vision, new hope. And from hope - progress. (Bruce Barton)

Art of advance is in keeping an order in the middle of changes and to keep changes in the middle of an order.

(Alfred Nort Uitkhed)

we Will consider your life in a point And yes in a point of B (in three months) a temporary straight line. For these three months you completed, for example, an economy course. You changed? Yes, of course. Your knowledge became more. There were possibilities of application of this knowledge. In a point And it was not.

We will consider other situation now. In three months that passed between points And yes B, you did not read any book, just went to monotonous work. On days off sat in front of the TV with a can of beer. You changed? Yes! At you the beer stomach grew, the mood worsened, the depression developed.

So what conclusion can be drawn from this example:

For progressing it is necessary to change constantly to the best.

Through the life experience which is often acquired during changes we can seize the emotions, the reason and a body, the thoughts and feelings - and thanks to it to become more useful people. (J. Templton)

What as a result turns out? It is necessary not to oppose to changes, even to create them. To develop, develop world around, to develop today for happy tomorrow.

To rise in the day off from a sofa, to take the textbook of English, economy in hand. To enter development of the personality into a habit. It is not difficult. It is simple to begin the main thing :)

Began - a basis only.

Write down the directions in which you would like to develop the personality. Consider everything prichinno - investigative communications necessary for development of these directions. Create or get everything reasons that a result was consequence - the acquired skill.