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Women`s issues. What does HE think of them? Part third

What else women`s issues force men to shudder internally both to grow cold even and to become covered by a perspiration sticky...

Situation 8. Old songs about the main thing

You love me? - main issue of all times and people. And main answer of all times and people: I Love . You would give a lot of things not to ask it this question, truly? You would like that he pronounced this magic word itself, on ten - twenty times per day. But you ask a question. And not just you ask a question, and by all means you wish to receive the answer. And - you receive. But you never reflected - but whether it is a substitute? Remember the beginning of your relations. This word sounded constantly. You fell asleep and woke up to the accompaniment of fascinating phrases of darling. But there passed time. And you begin: You love me? Over time this game in a question-answer is carried to automatism. Turns into an exchange of short passwords. And whether you know how darling perceives it?

Answer of the man.

He thinks approximately following: So, just answered, so two will not get hour! . And the most paradoxical - he actually loves you! Loves immensely! Loves more than himself! But does not speak about it. Because he is a man. Also expresses the love action. You want gentle words, and he invites to a dinner in restaurant. You did not hear from it long ago as he loves you, and he silently buys to you a fur coat. Well, or more simply what gives - not important. The main thing - he loves you. You remember it. And that does not speak, means - does not love It would be very interesting to you to observe for work professional gigolo . Here who speaks, so speaks! It is filled in with a nightingale! But it does not mean at all what loves

of DREAM, DREAMS a question-answer to the woman is rather interesting

In eternal game and would be reasonably useful to know not only that darling in the first five seconds after it " thinks; what? where? why? but also of what dreams. How many reproaches, offenses and scandals would manage to be avoided if the woman

did not ask questions at the most inopportune moments.

For example - the man repairs the carburetor in the car. It is evil, it is soiled. The woman asks a question: Well that there? . The man does not answer. It very clearly shows that to it now not to explanations. However, instead of understanding it and to leave, the woman tries to find out up to the end, that, all - there . the Man and does not want to answer with

a question and there is nothing to answer. Therefore something angry is born, type: depart, do not disturb! . A result - quarrel, tears

did not look at the man, as at the being thinking only of it.

Honestly: by psychologists it is proved long ago that the man`s thinking differs from female bigger prosaicness and materialism. Therefore, having asked a question: What you think now of? the woman, to the huge disappointment, can hear at all not that expected. Instead of learned: About you, my love! can escape easily: As to me to repay the loan for the car until the end of the year!

Realized that the man is not excited from " at all; innuendoes question.

If you want to ask something the man, speak directly. Darling, I bought tickets for a premiere Figaro . We descend on Saturday? sounds much better, than: Darling, I, which - that bought. You will not shout? . Of course - will be! Tickets cost madly much, and the loan for the car is not repaid by

did not emphasize with the questions that she is cleverer.

the Fact of intellectual superiority of women over men davny - is recognized long ago by the leading psychologists of the whole world. The man considers that he completely usurped the power over you even if he does not show you it openly. Therefore question: What distance from Pluto to Mars it is better to leave for the grandfather - the astronomer. The man, having suspected that you it is cleverer than him, it will begin to be nervous and irritated. In the light of it rather interesting will hide experience of the American psychologists who, already several years, practice courses for women on training skillfully from men the true mental abilities. At the women who successfully ended these courses, probability it is successful to marry sharply raises. This fact yes tells about something

did not criticize questions.

And you are sure that you correctly collected? - the woman asks, cautiously askancing at the repaired son`s bicycle. Your question in the head of the man sounds approximately so: Eh, you, the clumsy, it was necessary to give to a workshop! . Just try to explain softly to darling that it would be much more convenient to the boy if wheels of the bicycle rotated forward, and that a brake hardly an excess detail

did not ask about on what the man cannot just give the answer.

For example, I silly, huh? - it is impossible to answer honestly often! Or It`s true? - as a rule, it is set after a compliment. You sleep? at two o`clock in the morning. If the answer did not follow, it is set repeatedly. What it you such do-good today? - after that the only exit - to become angry . Aerobatics - For what I am necessary to you? . Having told the truth, the man risks to receive a slap in the face. You remember what today day? - No! I do not remember what today day! Celebrate all anniversaries in a calendar!

This dress does not make look fat me? - of course, no, expensive! All this ice cream, cheeseburgers, and chocolate

Touches also the surprised question It you? set in the evening at a wide open entrance door. Or: From what you took what I am drunk?! - falling; You notice Nothing? - having made a pedicure.

I here still: Road! If I jump in water, you will rescue me? . And if I tell yes! you will jump? One more absolutely Jesuit question: What shoes to me to put on to this dress? . I have three pairs of shoes! How I can help to choose one couple from its to fifty?!

Such women`s issues - thousands.

I would be ridiculous to think that, after reading of article, ladies will considerably change something in the behavior. And whether it is worth changing?

on that you and women to set illogical and strange why? when? with whom? . What sulfur would be without them our life. How many jokes would disappear

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