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Women`s issues. What does HE think of them? Part 2

What else women`s issues plunge men into the easy degree of dullness adjoining on catalepsy?

Situation 3. Change to the homeland

You walk on the city. The sun plays beams in windows of houses, the easy spring breeze gently irons your hair. Your satellite looks at you a loving look. You are happy together, your soul sings for pleasure, and here Legs. From - for turn. Long, harmonous, on high hairpins. And you catch an eye of the satellite. And all your great mood disappears goodness knows where, and from lips the question flies: What? It was pleasant? . Your sarcasm is not hidden and especially emphasized.

The man tears off eyes from the owner of stunning legs, and translates a view of you. Your question seems to it more than silly. And how such legs can not be pleasant? It is confused. He feels like the played mean tricks first grader. And what he has to tell?

Answer of the man.

the Eye caught by you eloquently demonstrates that it was pleasant . But we admire works of art, we admire pictures of the famous masters, we notice beauty of the nature. And it does not mean at all that your beauty turns pale in comparison with beauty of a picture of Rembrandt or Monet! It as speak in Odessa, two big differences . And, according to the man, there is nothing bad and unnatural that he admired on someone`s there legs. Goes - that it under the handle with you, but not with it. And it, again - in his opinion, your bargaining chip. Judge for yourself, it cannot all the time to the earth look also to you in eyes. It is necessary and to look at the road. And quite often similar legs steal a march on

the Situation 4. It is impossible to be beautiful it

The man gathers for a meeting. Attentively examines himself in a mirror, corrects a tie. Brushes the hair, rubs shoes to mirror gloss Where dressed up? - you stand in a doorway, attentively watching its preparations. And here he explodes! I have to how the bum to go?! I cannot polish shoes?! You want to see the sloven me!

You are lost by so rough reaction to the, quite peace question. At best everything comes to an end with easy squabble, in the worst - quarrel and a clap with a door. What so enraged him?.

Answer of the man.

He tries, on ten times in a mirror is looked, and here you with the irony! Naturally, he assumes as if it is caused by the fact that it in a tie looks not better than the clown in circus (that at all not so!) is also upset about it immensely. Look around. On streets of our cities and so rather tastelessly dressed men. So be glad for the English lord ! Prompt, give, tie a tie, eventually! He will estimate, do not doubt. And casually, unostentatiously, it will be much more convenient to you to find out about what most of all and interests you - And where he all - dressed up - that?

Situation 5. Lower than a belt

You is upset you look in the book. Your man with enthusiasm looks in the TV screen. You turn an eye towards it: You to sleep go? Or again you will sit till one o`clock in the morning? You remember when we last time had sex?! . From three questions the last - most important. Central, so to speak. It stands out on your evening mood.

Answer of the man. the Man is puzzled with

. He perfectly remembers, when . The day before yesterday. Also does not understand why it you are so angered. In his head slippery snakes bad presentiments and couplets in " style creep; If not you, then - who?! Who, if not you?! He decides that he, perhaps, does not satisfy you as the man. Also glances in your party with suspicion. If does not arrange you every other day and it does not provide you such pleasure every day so you are neudovletvorenna. Means, he thinks, you can begin searches someone on the party! And, maybe, you already have it His hypochondriac brain can bring the man to a surprising jungle. And male suspiciousness will give odds of female. You will forget about, dropped during the short period of nasty mood, a question. And the man will remember. And yet not once after sex it will ask you the question: Well, how to you? Cool, truth?!

Situation 6. I want to know everything

The man speaks by phone.

Puts down a reciever. Who called? - you ask. Also there is nothing bad in this question, in principle. Usual curiosity. On work - the man answers. And who exactly? And what there? At work? - and it already, according to the man, questions superfluous. What he to you also lets know, saying to the angry tone that it does not matter - who exactly as all of you equally do not know this person. And concerning that, that there at work, he does not tell you, to your disappointment too. My work, is my work! - it can season with such words the speech.

Answer of the man. you did not notice

when the man willingly tells you about the affairs? Only when it has some success, personal triumph, pass - a victory. There are some shameful exceptions of a masculine gender which, do not feed them with bread, are ready all day long to itch to the women that the chief a reptile, clamps that there are no more than forces to pull and to that similar sob-stories from life of losers. But we not speak about exceptions, truly? Real man, even if clamp, to Saviour is not present! will not hurry to tell about it to the darling. It, so it is put in the male head by the mother - the nature, has to look the winner in any situation. He madly is afraid to seem weak. And it is natural. That is, if phoned something joyful, the man by all means would tell you of it!

Situation 7. Repetition - mother of the doctrine

How I look? - you stand near a mirror, correct a hairdress. The man answers you something like Wonderfully! - Perfectly! Remarkably! It is delightful! . And here thinks Raises your question in it a soreness of the mouth. Naturally - a soreness of the mouth.

You ask this question on five, six times per day. And answer normally to you does not pass. Certainly, you very much want to hear from darling more compliments and tender words which would underline your beauty and would characterize you as the best on the earth . But, you see, the man who is near you, too not a log.

Answer of the man.

He thinly feels many things, and is able itself, without reminder, to appreciate your unearthly beauty and appearance. Infrequently it does? Well, well, it is the man But it is how more pleasant, has to be, hear from his lips - Darling! You are beautiful! I so love you! told without reminder, and just like that because the man felt it.

Is much more pleasant, than learned, lifeless - wonderfully - it is fine - remarkably


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