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Maybe we will dance?

the International day of dance is celebrated on April 29 . This day coincides happy birthday Jean Georges Nover (1727 - 1810) This is the French ballet master, the reformer and the theorist of choreographic art. Began to celebrate this holiday since 1982 according to the decision of UNESCO. It is considered that Jean Georges Nover made the ballet an independent type of theatrics. He refused true pictorialism and filled a performance with serious contents and added the developed form of the multievent ballet to small forms of a ballet performance.

In the modern world this day all dancing community celebrates the professional holiday - opera and ballet theaters, modern dancing collectives, ensembles of ball and national dances.

What is dance? Dance is, as well as the song, the state of mind realized by the movement of a body. Can call dance - a peculiar, specific language. It embodies human identity and celebration of human soul. And nevertheless, dance - an art form in which a tool for an artistic image is the movements, gestures and position of a body of the dancer.

dance from the various movements and gestures made in labor process (for example when mowed a grass) and in emotional situations Arose (for example as you accompany indignation... definitely you put hands). Gradually these movements generalized, and art " was formed; dance one of the most ancient manifestations of folk art. For this reason dance finds deep communication with an emotional and inner world of the person. Until the dancer merges, will be dissolved in what he executes, the viewer will not believe, will not understand and will not appreciate. Agree when you look as people dance or itself you dance, in the first case if there is no emotional charge, energy, and in the second - just repeat any combination, then there are a wish to leave, distract, and most there are no wish to dance any more because no emotional splash in soul happens. To the contrary, when you look on dancing, with bated breath, without looking away... It is correct when you feel all that is born with itself by their composition.

How many in the modern world of various styles and substyles. Practically each country has the national dance: Irish, Spanish, aragonsky jota, Russian national and other. In ballroom dances - it both a melodious waltz, and an incendiary Latina, flashing a point, dzhayf, a touching and passionate tango... In modern and sports the - a modernist style, a flamenco, a step, a rap, a break... And there is a lot more - a lot of different... various!

Unfortunately, now there is also an opinion, as classical and modern dances sputtered out that you will think up nothing new. Opinion it is necessary to argue with it! For example, most it is possible to tell also about art creativity... It would seem, everything that is possible and is impossible, already drawn. And therefore we need to admire a black square... But it at all not so! Everyone does the work individually, at everyone the handwriting. And in dances. Of course, there is a mass of dull statements and dull executions of these statements, but not to me to judge it. But there are also such masterpieces at which there is a wish to look and look. In the world in general everything shares on beautiful and ugly, on bad and good. And from it not to get to anywhere. Therefore the opinion on silent dying of dance as arts, cannot exist. Especially today holiday!

Whether you heard sometime: I am not able to dance ... Likely and. But will learn always it is possible. First of all it is necessary will get rid of the uncertainty and constraint. Also go in this day to dance! Especially this year is a revival. It is possible to organize a house party in style a Latina , for example, or still in some most for you close.

It is useful to dance not only for your physical health, but also for sincere, emotional! Congratulations!