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Dreadfulness of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

the terrible person excessive fair reasonable excessive big high moderate to add Dreadfulness gives consequences to itself has to be correctly to apply to show to influence value definition harm advantage effect promotes to embitter what to achieve

zd Dreadfulness - severity, rigidity, roughness, excessive severity

pvk With spirituality growth - dreadfulness has a rest.

pv Dreadfulness can be positive only from philanthrophy.

pv Dreadfulness is admissible only within morality - in


pv Dreadfulness without justice - in heart not of

gets into rescue.

lp do not show dreadfulness, twice - without alternating to clemency.

p Dreadfulness - hardens.

p Is useless to show dreadfulness in rescue - if you not

are respected.

pv At first it is necessary to learn to influence people clemency - and then


z Dreadfulness - maliciously is on friendly terms.

p Dreadfulness - the child of fieriness.

pv Dreadfulness without need are applied by idlers and fools.

pv Dreadfulness is reasonable and effective only as addition to kindness or tenderness.

p Dreadfulness has to be reasonable.

zp From dreadfulness not knowing psychology and life - is not enough use.

pzv is Not enough use from dreadfulness - not supported with the authority.

p Manifestation to the person of dreadfulness a demon of understanding that

wish well to it - only to the detriment.

p Before trying to obtain something dreadfulness, it is necessary to try


and Dreadfulness does not suffer indulgences.

z is not characteristic Of terrible people flexibility. z Terrible people, as a rule, opinion do not change


zp Dreadfulness often borders on obstinacy.

z Dreadfulness is often shown by people from - for confidence in the


and Happen circumstances - when not to do without dreadfulness.

kp Before dreadfulnesses - start up respect.

pv Dreadfulness should not have humiliation elements.

kp Excessive dreadfulness - only to the detriment.

d Dreadfulness has to have sense of proportion.

p Dreadfulness is good only in the union with softness.

z - embitters Dreadfulness without warmth.

p First of all, show dreadfulness - to yourself.

p Before trying to obtain something dreadfulness, it is necessary to try

tenderness and kindness.

p you will not show to yourself dreadfulness itself - it will be made by others.

p Dreadfulness to people should not be cruel.

p Dreadfulness it is impossible to achieve that - what can be reached clemency.

z Dreadfulness has to be shown - taking into account interests and inquiries of the person. zp Dreadfulness only the balanced person can show


p Dreadfulness without compromises - is stupid. zp Dreadfulness children forgive to

- they do not transfer deception. p Before showing dreadfulness to the child - feed with


pv Dreadfulness to children is admissible only from love to them.

pv Cannot apply dreadfulness to the child - if he doubts that you it love


and Dreadfulness - shortens the childhood. p Before something to demand

from the person, it is worth reflecting at least - whether it is capable of it.

pv needs not to demand from people of the necessary behavior - and to create such conditions - that they could not arrive in a different way.

and is better to show excessive dreadfulness - than connivance.

and Dreadfulness is possible only in a combination to condescension.

and Dreadfulness - one of the forms of government, but obviously not the best.

p Dreadfulness you will not achieve that - what can be reached tenderness.

zp Degree and a form of dreadfulness to the person have to correspond to

to its abilities and opportunities.

p From dreadfulness in the form of scandal - only harm.

z Dreadfulness to itself helps to cultivate self-discipline which

is the assistant in prevention of improper love, of the dishonest income, etc.

and Dreadfulness to people postpones manifestations of addictions and can even cause hostility.

p Dreadfulness makes bigger sense and justice - if it first of all and is more directed to itself.

zp Grozny - are afraid, and fear not the best lever on people.

p Dreadfulness without legality of requirements - is inadmissible.

and Dreadfulness is necessary only then - when softness begins to harm. there is no

zp sense to show dreadfulness to people, exacting to itself.

p Hysterical dreadfulness - that a mad dog.

and Dreadfulness can be from weakness, softness - at most.

p To itself it is necessary to be terrible - it it is possible to allow only

concerning others.

and Dreadfulness - not to do without tactfulness.

of the personal computer - only embitters the Whip without gingerbread.

of the personal computer Dreadfulness without approval - is shaky. p In achievement of discipline of dreadfulness prefer to


and Dreadfulness - promotes an order.

and to Begin to show dreadfulness it is necessary, without waiting for dissoluteness.

and Dreadfulness is close to roughness.

pv Selfish dreadfulness - cannot be for the good.

and Dreadfulness - is relentless.

to Dreadfulness is on friendly terms with irreconcilability.

zd Terrible people - as a rule, are gloomy.

and Dreadfulness - is rigid.

p Dreadfulness brings weight in the human relations.

and Dreadfulness - is cold.

p Is justified only dreadfulness - in rescue.

p Even dreadfulness God - is kind.

z - leads Dreadfulness without myagkoserdiya to a despair.

p From dreadfulness - is more than harm.

to did not manage to shake finger - it is necessary to shake a fist. to What to frighten

- it is better to educate.

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