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In more detail about freezing of sites of a brain.

carry out Such operations called stereotaksichesky correction in. St. Petersburg at Institute of a brain of the person of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The essence of such operation consists in freezing of a site of a brain, responsible as developers of this technique consider, for receiving pleasures . About any blockade or isolation of opiate receptors out of the question as these receptors are in an organism everywhere where there is nervous tissue. It should be noted that this technique is not allowed by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for mass use and is in an experiment stage. Unfortunately, the desperate patients who passed not one rehabilitation center and ready to pay big money for experiments with own and so affected health generally resort to such surgery. There is also a wish to remind that nervous tissue is fragile and irreplaceable. In a brain there are no certain anatomic zones responsible for various forms of behavior therefore there is no rigid structure of nervous activity also. All zones are functional and are in the most difficult interdependence. Any intervention on a brain leads to negative consequences, and unjustified - especially. Even, apparently, banal concussion of a brain and that leads to development of epilepsy, as to manifestation of a psychoorganic syndrome and many other complications. It is quite obvious to any psychiatrist and the neuropathologist, except authors of these experiments. As one of doctors (and can be the coauthor) participating in these " hypocritically declared; researches having sent the angry response to my performance at a forum on this matter that at all patients on MRT (a magnetic resonance tomography) organic changes of tissue of brain before operation are revealed. It seems as all and is so bad, worse does not happen. However, it does not grant any moral right to make such experiments with people.

B 1999 Alexander L. entered the Institute of a brain of the person where it should study psychosurgery for treatment of his drug addiction. Operation was performed without anesthesia. During the operation continuing four hours in his skull drilled four openings. Sites of a brain were frozen by liquid nitrogen, and it caused painful feelings. When it was written out, head wounds festered so that repeated hospitalization was required. A week later after operation L. felt thirst for drugs. Two months later it returned to a drug taking.