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What to occupy the child with? Research games

For a start remember one, at first sight, simple, but meanwhile the important rule: in order that research childish sports brought real benefit, they have to appear in sight of the child much earlier, than he will grow to them.

Besides, consider an individual level of development of yours of the baby which can ripen that this or that kind of activity both slightly earlier, and much later.

For example, the dreamer will like to think out various strange stories about life of ants more, than to examine them under a microscope, and you will not hold a shustrik before an eyepiece more at all, than for half-minute. Models which show an internal structure of animals can frighten the vulnerable child.

of the Physicist firm and liquids

Nearly the first area of natural-science knowledge which the baby faces are substances and property of bodies. It appears, a stone firm, and a sand soft! Why porridge is smeared on a table, and compote spreads? Why all water from a mold can be poured in a bucket, and on the contrary - it is impossible? Where the snowflake disappears if to take it in a cam?

Of course, not only one-year-old, but even to the five-year-old kid yet not in power most to find answers to these questions, however supervision and experiments with the elementary substances and bodies will help the little researcher to get acquainted with the world to which it got closer.

For the first experiments of rather qualitative set for game with sand: molds, sovochok, watering cans etc. To add laboratory equipment it is possible, having rummaged in a kitchen case: mixed funnels and strainers, vessels of an unusual form will enrich and diversify research childish sports.

" Laboratory; the child of 1,5-2 years equip with children`s scales with two cups. With their help it is possible to learn a lot of interesting. For example, that heavier: a bucket or the mold filled with sand?

In 4-5 years the young experimenter can present the first set for more serious and purposeful researches, for example, for experiences with soap bubbles.

If it seems to you that your child - the born scientist, by 5 years he should present the first set of laboratory equipment.

we Study a georgafiya

Acquaintance to fauna and plants it is accepted to begin with inhabitants of city apartments and farms. For this purpose the mass of fine grants which acquaint the baby with flora and fauna of our latitudes is issued, and at the same time promote expansion of its lexicon. But in 2-3 years the kid is capable to apprehend and staticize adequately only that information which is anyway connected with his own experience - both touch, and emotional.

And for the modern city child the cow and a horse can be not less exotic beings, than a giraffe or a hippopotamus. Therefore try that the kid had an opportunity to get acquainted with them personally: in zoos of the large cities there are, as a rule, corners where there live cows, geese, pigs, rabbits.

To the kid 3 years are more senior it is possible to suggest to look in the field-glass as the little squirrel frolics on a pine trunk and the woodpecker works, or by means of a magnifying glass to plunge into the fascinating world of ants and other small insects. Since four years it is possible to suggest the little naturalist to collect a herbarium. It is possible to do, of course, it in the old manner, drying plants between pages of the encyclopedia and pasting on album sheets, but it is much more interesting to get a special set which will allow not only to dry correctly trophies, but also to turn them into the real works of art.

Having returned from research expedition it is useful to consolidate the gained knowledge by means of a thematic puzzle. The magnificent training puzzles for children of 4 years are also more senior let out today: in the center - photographic the exact image of this or that corner of the nature (the wood, the field, the lake etc.) and around - small cards with the animals and plants living there.

Here to you and excellent reason for the first acquaintance to a map! Take the map of Africa. Learn what animals live there. It is possible to use for a start the list of animals who were cured by Aybolit, and then to find out who was not affected by an unpleasant illness.

In the same way it is possible to track along what route Niels with wild geese flew on the North, and Thumbelina with a swallow - to Greece from where arrived to a fairy forest of Keng with a crumb of Ru where were and as the jungle in which Mowgli and his friends lived looked.

The card - a rug on which it is possible to attach figures of animals, people in national suits, flags of the states is good for similar games. Puzzles will help to fix acquaintance too. Bringing together them, the kid will remember slowly outlines and names of continents, seas, mountains and other geographical objects.

Poshpionim behind celestial bodies?

to Learn heavenly secrets not less interestingly, than secrets of a subsoil of Earth. To become the real astronomer, the baby needs the telescope. Of course, it is good to make out in it far galaxies and fogs it will not be possible, and here to consider closer the Moon surface, to observe change of its phases - quite perhaps.

It is impossible to look in the telescope at the Sun at all: it is possible to get serious burn of a cornea of an eye. But it does not mean that we will not be able to study it. It is possible to watch the movement of the Sun by means of simple and absolutely safe adaptation: sundial. Establish them on the opened, not shaded site and observe with the kid as the shadow during the day is displaced. Make observations at different times year and compare results.

As still can learn secrets of Earth?

It appears h2, the science geology is engaged in it. To learn how geologists work, it is not obligatory to go to far expedition. By means of a special set of minerals it is possible to arrange excavation directly in the nursery, and the pleasure of opening will be the most real. If the minerals found in earth subsoil interested your child outright, begin to gather a big collection of stones.