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What your darling financial sin ? 7 obstacles in a way to monetary wellbeing of

the Subject of money of very few people can leave indifferent. As a rule, money causes a wide range of feelings: from contempt (that, however, meets now rather seldom) before desire.

By means of mass media and advertizing illusion is created that for money it is possible to buy all or practically all. And if for someone money becomes an idol, then there are also those who in money see a root of all troubles. But money cannot spoil the person, in the same way as cannot spoil his and their absence!

Money just is the peculiar litmus piece of paper or a magnifying glass showing what already is in the person. They are the tool for achievement of the objectives, and here what purpose they will serve - it depends on you.

Let`s look at the relation to money through a prism of sins to understand how our feelings influence our financial position:

1. The arrogance

Pride and self-confidence does not allow us to provide all options of succession of events. When people take the credit, they usually feel excess optimism concerning the future ability to pay debts - forget about possible diseases, a swagger - mazhor and other troubles which can worsen a financial position considerably.

Do not forget: cars break, a toothache happens it is impossible to suffer, the insurance can not cover all expenses, and Forex not a prinestidokhoda. Therefore it is good if you have certain monetary pillow . It is better to save money not on rainy day and on what is valuable and important for you - for example, education or travel. In case of unforeseen circumstances they can be used as a lifebuoy.

As it is strange, but denial of the importance of money, their depreciation in fact too is manifestation of arrogance. Our soul lives in a body, and it is necessary to care for his requirements.


do not borrow greed excessively! The modern system of crediting in every possible way pushes to it. But one business - to borrow on development or opening of business, and another - on pro-life .

Many argue so: I all the same buy this car on tick so why don`t I choose the engine more powerful, leather salon instead of velors and climate - control instead of the conditioner? You will think, some 5-6 thousand dollars from above: it is trifles in comparison with the price of the " car;.

In desire to have the best there is nothing bad, but it is necessary to commensurate it with the current financial opportunities. Marketing specialists perfectly know about this human weakness and use it, imposing us an insurance and additional options extremely expensively.

3. Anger

If you accuse anyone of your mistakes, but not yourself - you never learn anything. Really, banks arrive unfair, printing the major (and the least favorable to us) conditions of the credit agreement in small print on the back. Yes, the accountant at work could tell you about a pension fund in more detail. But management of your personal finance completely on your responsibility and to accuse someone another that you got into debts, ridiculously and senselessly.

The first step to management of money consists in acceptance on itself responsibility for the financial position! Only let`s not confuse responsibility to fault - you can be not guilty in the circumstances, but so far you will not undertake responsibility for it, you will have no chances to correct it.

4. Laziness

Money loves the account: you are not lazy to make mathematical calculations and to work with figures. It is very easy to wave a hand on everything, and to understand figures can be difficult, especially in a difficult financial situation. What it leads to - we see on the example of the deceived share homeowners. Therefore count options, especially when business concerns financial decisions, important for you.

It is possible to explain with laziness also unwillingness to use the efforts for improvement of the financial position, and hope on perhaps .

5. Lust

Lust, fornication is shown by

also at those moments when some thing causes in us very strong desire to possess it even if mind we understand that it is not necessary to us at all. It can take various forms: women cannot resist the next charming pair of shoes, men buy Playboy and Penthouse, not to mention a video production for adults . History with the lewd governor of the state New - York, spent 80 thousand dollars of taxpayers on elite " is remembered; call girls .

6. A gluttony

to Buy by

unnecessary things just like that - all the same that to absorb food not because it is hungry but because it faces you and smells delicious: it is called gluttony. Happens, we buy food or unnecessary goods in hypermarkets in large quantities, justifying it with economy; people see the plate Discount of 50% - also do absolutely unnecessary purchases.

Often behind it gluttony there is a greed. If it about you, then make the list when you go to shop. Also try to trace - what feeling you want to jam making excess purchases. Alarm, fear, or perhaps disappointment? If these feelings arise at you with enviable constancy, then most likely it is better to deal with the reasons of their emergence, than to throw out money for the next thing unnecessary you.

7. Envy

Often we decide that we should buy, looking at what is bought by people around. But the income of different people can differ much therefore things around us often appear outside our financial opportunities.

We come across in this trap, envying what is bought by our neighbors or, what is even worse, characters on a TV screen: we firmly believe that we have to buy the same. What for? to become same as they, - successful and as it seems to us, happy. But what stands behind this desire? In most cases - a low self-assessment, sense of shame, inferiority. But - unfortunately or fortunately - the self-assessment is not treated by purchase of the new vacuum cleaner, car or cottage on Rublyovka. The temporary effect is possible. But there will always be someone who has a car more abruptly or a cottage more.

If a lot of things from this in you responded, then can, it is better to invest money in itself? To understand why you for acceptance of need the next vacuum cleaner / lipstick / apartment / car? Acceptance and love to itself without the need for a constant reinforcement external attributes is other quality of life! Options as to make it, - weight, there would be a desire: trainings, psychological and psychotherapeutic groups, individual consultations of the psychologist. Only it is important to choose the expert and a format which will suit you.

If all from the above-mentioned at all not about you, and the subject of Money causes strong irritation, then it is too an occasion to reflect. Often behind rejection money is cost by the most various fears and negative installations acquired since the childhood. But today money is a universal remedy of an exchange and calculation. Therefore if only you do not live on the desert island, you should deal with them. Having reconsidered the relation to money, it is possible to make the life more harmonious.

Besides, money - an excellent indicator of what we spend ourselves, the time and the life for. I suggest to do it consciously! I wish you harmony, good luck and prosperity!