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How not to get on a hook of a financial pyramid?

Author: Yury Sungurtsev, Shkolazhizni. ru

Any finance company (including a pyramid) can be born only by means of the government bodies registering, controlling and normalizing activity of any enterprises. From here responsibility of the state to the population for activity of such companies follows.

However as history showed, law enforcement agencies often too late interfere with activity of pyramids. Usually it occurs at that stage when it is already impossible to return money to investors. Therefore each potential investor needs to be able to be defined independently in what finance companies it is necessary to invest money.

And whether it is possible, without being an expert in the field of finance, to understand and understand where and with what risk to invest means? Yes, of course it is possible! It is necessary to know current bid of refinancing (she can always be recognized, for example, on the official site of the Central Bank Russian Federation). For this period of time the rate of refinancing is equal to 8,25%. Real banks, proceeding from this figure, establish a rate on deposits around 9 - 11% per annum. It is also that rate which guarantees the most reliable gain of the capital.

At the conclusion of the deposit contract in bank pay attention to whether it makes capitalization of a gain of a contribution. It is favorable, every month percent on deposits grow. The difficult percent which works as a geometrical progression and with increase in period of validity of the deposit till several years " begins to act; increase due to monthly capitalization becomes very notable.

It is necessary to understand accurately that a rate on deposits to 12% per annum already on the verge of risk and that does not exist such financial organizations which will be able steadily to increase your capital by 15 - 20% a year . Generally, if in the contract guarantee you payment over 20% per annum during the long period - before you the next financial pyramid!

the Exception are the companies (not a pyramid) which can give also high percent, but cannot guarantee it. In this case speak about venture financing (from venture - risk , enterprise / action, chance, an adventure ). Rapid development of venture investment happened during initial development of computer technologies.

The venture company at the conclusion of the contract honestly stipulates in it probability of not return of your investments. She can act this way because it is internally sure that at favorable development of this business the expected profits will be big. They can sometimes make hundreds of percent of a gain of the capital. It is the main distinctive feature of the venture company. If you came to such company and perfectly understand that you can lose in case of failure the blood your right to risk. But it already, you understand, a casino!

By the way, even the competent venture capitalist rather often loses the investments. But all highlight is that having lost all money in nine cases, he in the tenth wins so many that the prize gives very notable financial increase, not only returning the means lost in other Companies, but also increases its capital in a much bigger size, than the bank deposit could make it.

And now we will argue as the normal Company has to attract investments. Put yourself to the place of the head of the Company which needs huge financial means. You are faced by a task to competently choose financing sources. You know that at a certain large bank it is possible to receive all means necessary for you under 18% per annum. Really in that case you will prefer to collect on - trifles at private investors under 20 - 30 annual interest rates? The question is rhetorical. Only the Companies - pyramids act this way .

It is natural that any person respecting himself has to run from any financial pyramid in what clothes it would not ryaditsya. The money won here - dirty. They can be received only by deception of other people. In other words is a primitive fraud. And if we make the decision to enter game, we have to understand that we become accomplices of a financial crime.

All perfectly understand that money is not on a silver platter. And all of us know, paraphrasing the famous law of Lomonosov if somewhere something arrives (for example, money in your pocket), means on as much will decrease in other place (the same money, but in others pocket). And no excuses that ALL are engaged in it, will help. The person can do any serious work, but only when it does not contradict its morals and morals of surrounding society!

Financial pyramids are not eternal - they will lose the relevance and will disappear if to liquidate financial illiteracy of the population. It should be begun with high schools. Training of teenagers in the competent relation to money is necessary. " course; Introduction to the world of money acquaintance with which will be universal, has to explain popularly concept of a rate of refinancing , bank deposits, the bank credits etc., and, above all - in what danger and foulness of financial pyramids consists.