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The disorder of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

the Disorder to resist to affect will cope to reduce consequences the soil value definition manifestation harm influences the method is dangerous is born there is a reason brings promotes generates to eliminate not to allow will get rid to overcome to eradicate to avoid

z the Disorder - not observance of rules.

kzdv Mother of a disorder - inspirituality. zd to the Disorder promotes

- absence of philanthrophy. zd to the Disorder promotes

- a malevolence.

zpv the Disorder can be born because of immorality.

zpv the Enemy of a disorder - patriotism.

pv the disorder Reason - can be injustice. zd to the Disorder promotes

- the low level of requirements.

zdpv the Disorder is warmed up by levity.

and the Disorder of the person degrades.

p to the Disorder is promoted by inaction.

and the Disorder and irresponsibility - the brother and the sister.

and the Disorder - generates anarchy.

p the Disorder - promotes defects and addictions.

and the Disorder freedom - turns into permissiveness.

p the Disorder - a hindrance to discipline and coherence.

and the Disorder - begins in a family.

p the People breaking an order - are condemned.

and the Disorder harms not only to the person - but also to society.

and the Disorder - often a protest.

p the Disorder - a hindrance to wellbeing.

and the Disorder - arouses indignation of people, worsens the relations with them.

zp can Influence positively troublemakers only the balanced, kind, not rigid, knowing psychology person.

and Disorder can arise from not a posilnost or not a possibility of implementation of requirements.

and Children can break an order - if feel that they are not loved.

z the Disorder and levity - generate each other.

d the Disorder does the person windy.

kzd the Disorder - is on friendly terms with laxity. zp it is easier for

to exhaust the Disorder creation of conditions under which it will be able to be shown not by

- than re-education.

and the Disorder interferes with development and perfection.

p the Disorder - increases vital risk.

and Break an order more often silly and impudent.

pv Rough re-education of the person breaking an order - can lead

to animosity.

and Than is more important the sphere - the subjects Disorder more dangerous.

zpd the Disorder - leads to offenses and even crimes.

and the Disorder - a hindrance of formation of the personality. z the Disorder and an indiscipline - promotes

each other.

and Disorder - is especially dangerous in military structures.

z to the Troublemaker will difficult improve without self-control,

of patience and restraint.

and the Disorder - the reason of many troubles.

and the Disorder - can be cured the purpose.

zd to Idea of one in power to relieve people of a disorder. zd the Disorder and irresponsibility - promote

each other.

zs the Disorder is eradicated from understanding of the momentary benefits in damage of long-term.

and the Disorder - is impractical.

p the Disorder often is born on the basis of personal interests - to the detriment of


and Some people of troublemakers perceive as

strong and courageous.

to the Disorder - the enemy of organization.

to the Disorder - leads to failures. the aspiration to pleasures often is

and the Reason of a disorder.

p the Disorder often from what the person prefers put pleasant.

and the Disorder - in many respects a habit.

and Disorder - happens from low consciousness.

and the Troublemaker emphasizes disrespect for others.

and can Break an order also the good person.

and Understanding of a disorder at everyone the.

p Is the standard understanding of the Disorder which needs to be followed for the sake of vital wellbeing of most of people.

p At the troublemaker is strained mentality, it, collapsing, affects his health.

and the Satellite of a disorder - chaos.

p to Try to obtain eradication of a disorder, it is necessary without waiting for chaos.

to the Disorder - enslaves, the order - releases.

p it is necessary to fight Against a disorder constantly - and not occasionally. to the Disorder it is easier for

not to allow - than then to fight against it.

and If to overcome a disorder in big - small will be ordered.

and If to overcome a disorder on top - bottoms will come to an order.

and Cannot overcome a disorder in bottoms - if it exists at the highest levels.

and get used To a disorder.

p should Punish troublemakers encouragement of those who observe it.

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