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What you trust in?

what you sincerely trust in, become your reality (B. Tracey) of

Believe in yourself: belief - in Infinite. Belief - eternity elixir giving the vital strength and effectiveness to a thought rush! The belief is a point of support for accumulation of wealth! The belief is the basis miracles and all those secrets which cannot be open by rules of science. Belief - the only antidote from failure! (Napoleon Hill)

Belief and the mountain will get moving forward. The belief rescues, the belief zhivotvorit. (The Russian national proverbs)

the Second law of life - Belief. Belief . The person always acts according to the outlook, according to what he trusts in. You will always reject information which will contradict what you trust in. You perceive information via the filter of your belief, confidence in this or that event.

For example, present that you have no thermometer, you cannot learn temperature behind a window. You include a morning news, or a news line in the Internet. You define and trust in a weather forecast today, you put on clothes according to the forecast. Then, you go outside, and your belief in the forecast breaks (or respectively is confirmed) against reality - snow or a rain, heat or overcast. As a result according to belief (or on the contrary mistrust) in a weather forecast you choose type of clothes in which you will go outside (by the way here it is visible the first law the reason - a consequence ) . Yes quite so, very often the belief is the reason. Your belief.

Word prejudice means judgment forward when we come to conclusion in advance, before obtaining any information or even contrary to, contrary to it. One of the most effective strategy of success consists in to judging people or events while you have no sufficient information for adoption of the weighed decision. In particular you should not judge yourself and the abilities ahead of time. Your deeply taken most roots ideas of themselves and the potential can be absolutely false. (B. Tracey)

It is very frequent, even practically always, people underestimate, or overestimate the abilities. Worst of all to underestimate them. To limit itself to some framework. This framework is - a brake of your development, they will not let out you for the borders until you want to leave. But to live within more quietly, to live within more safely. The most part of the population of Russia gets to a peculiar trap, observing on the TV for so-called stars oligarchs, the rich and beautiful people, the person sitting on a sofa thinks: Times at these people were died so well, means they better (or it is cleverer) me. Means they are worthy that to be on the screen. And I am not present . The person trusts in it and cardinally slows down the development, remaining to sit, through five, in ten years, on the same sofa.

Other example, the young man (or the girl), watches TV, sees people who sing worse it, have smaller baggage of economic knowledge or do something not so skillfully as it. And he trusts. Believes that he can achieve the same and even bigger. And he tries to obtain. Tries to obtain glory, wealth, success. Only because he believes that it can develop the talent up to such unreal heights where nobody got yet.

But how to apply this law, in our today`s life? Very simply! Believe in yourself. The belief moves mountains. The belief rescues, the belief zhivotvorit (The Russian national proverb). The faith in God stopped hordes of the Golden Horde at walls of the Old Russian cities. So why then your own self-confidence and the forces is not able to afford to fly up to you up to the unknown heights? There is even a theory that when the fruit is in mother`s womb, it can fly. And further, in view of the fact that the mankind has no belief that the person can fly, we lose this skill. Some (for example yogas) after all restore this skill, and the main criterion of flight is the belief.

It is necessary to trust. To believe in the uniqueness. To believe in the abilities. To believe in itself!