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What ware is safe for the microwave oven?

- Any plastic containers in a microwave.

- Any plastic foils and wrappers in the microwave oven.

- Any plastic bottles with water in a deep freeze.

Not so long ago many restaurants refused plastic containers in favor of paper, and one of the reasons were - dioxine.

Dioxine (poisons, the generalized name of big group of the toxic synthetic connections operating very slowly) are poison for cages of a human body, cause cancer tumors, in particular - a breast cancer.

Use of plastic containers for heating of food in the microwave oven is inadmissible. It belongs to the products containing fats. The matter is that the combination of fats, high temperature and plastic releases toxins and instantly poisons food, and then and our organism. Thus, semi-finished products, soups in containers, ready portion food in plastic trays have to be laid out in other ware for preparation in the microwave oven - an oven.

The food plastic foil covering food - too is dangerous in a microwave: under the influence of high temperature dioxine is released and appear in food.

should not put water in plastic bottles in the freezer, in the course of a freezing dioxine is released.

Paper - quite good alternative, but sometimes we do not know and that in it.

Instead of plastic it is recommended to use glass or ceramic ware. The result will be identical, only - nonpoisonous.


In article gave only the facts. Whether it is possible to consider them as the advertizing course of the companies on production of glasswares? Quite. whether

It is possible to trust producers of plastic ware with a mark Microwave Oven Safe ( Safely for the " microwave oven;) or Suitable for Microwave ( It is suitable for the " microwave oven;)? It is possible. If this phrase does not mean only that this type of plastic will not melt in a microwave. whether

Is safe your microwave oven - the furnace bought two - three years ago? Who knows.

The science progresses in researches with great strides. Every day there are new opening. The personal choice of everyone is based on personal experience, knowledge, belief, trust and any other specific features.

Just make correct for yourself the choice! At which you will feel comfortably and safely.