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Soul the executed flight - about whom it was written by Pushkin?

Avdotya Istomina was born in Christmas Christmas Eve. The first day of the Christmas-tide - a holiday which since pagan times symbolized updating of the nature in Russia and was always followed by games, songs and dancings masked, Christmas carols, fortune-telling and magic ceremonies. Perhaps, it also defined its destiny - all life to reincarnate in the invented characters, to turn the heads to men and to drive public into frenzy the art. Dance art. Because Avdotya became a ballerina. the Mysterious flutist

in the Evening on August 3, 1805 at doors of the St. Petersburg theatrical school knocked with

the tall thin person dressed in black. The left hand it pressed to a breast a case with a flute, and the little girl with big scared eyes held his right hand. By sight she was no more than six years old

Dunya Istomina Quite so got to theatrical school to Charles Didlo, the famous ballet master and the teacher. She did not remember the parents. Knew only that mother died, and she was on street, and then the tall thin person in black approached it and by a hand took away to the house where she was fed at first, and then began to teach music and dances.

Historians of the Russian ballet cannot still solve secret of appearance of Istomina in Charles Didlo`s school. There did not take children from the street - only the, and the person with a flute not only was not to Dunya a father - about him in general nobody and knew nothing. As if the guardian angel for a while accepted human shape, rescued the ingenious girl - and again went to himself to the Sky, confident in her happy future. Also it was absolutely right.

When in 1816 Avdotya graduated from school, Didlo right there offered it the main party in the prime minister of the ballet Atsis and Galatea : the role which brought the first monasteries.


Istomina as nobody else, owned art of flight in dance or as then spoke, elevation . Add to it brilliant talent, ambition and bright beauty - and you will understand why already in a couple of years after a debut this low brunette with fiery black eyes and dense eyelashes demented all St. Petersburg.

For Atsis and Galatea the central party of the goddess of flowers of Flora in the ballet " followed; Zemfira and Flora . Here she performed two more parts - the trustful nymph Aglaia and the nymph Aminta. Unprecedentedly difficult pattern of the dance which is thought up by Didlo was calculated on unique natural abilities which were possessed by only one ballerina of that time - Istomina. The exacting capital viewer, with bated breath, was pressed in velvet chairs when it flew over a scene in an improbable jump, was turned in a mad fouette when her hands as if pale stalks of lilies, lapped over the head decorated with flowers. The proud goddess reincarnated in the nymph trembling, in the nymph impudent and fervent - and again on a scene the goddess went Avdotya Istomina subdued all.

Behind the scenes

Theatre, as we know, begins with a hanger, and a scene - with the scenes. There, behind the scenes, there is a special, surprising and attracting life full of disturbing secrets and forbidden temptations. Here is how described behind the scenes that time Leonid Grossman in the book Pushkin in theatrical chairs : The Scenes, bathrooms of actresses, even classes of theatrical pupils - all this world of young, beautiful, graceful and joyful women was a constant source of love affairs. Around theater the special festive life sated with a sensuality and painted by brave adventurism was developed. Duels, stealing, extraordinary appointments, briberies of servants, even disguise - all this reported to love customs of an era some semi-fantastic and often really theatrical character .

In the scandal news of that time, as well as on a scene, young Avdotya Istomina was on the first roles. What, however, was not reflected in her career in any way. What is costed by only one history with well-known duel of four happened in the fall of 1817! Having quarreled with the lover, kavalergardy Sheremetyevo on which apartment she lived, Istomina accepted Griboyedov`s invitation to go on " tea; to Zavadovsky also spent at darling of chambers - the cadet two days. Offended kavalergard challenged Zavadovsky to a duel and it was killed.

the Famous duelist and the scrapper Yakubovich, the friend of Sheremetyevo, considered Griboyedov as true responsible for death of the friend and caused it on a duel. Result - the shot Griboyedov`s hand: until the end of days the great writer who was besides the great musician and the talented composer, was separated from a grand piano. The Griboyedov who pulled out a lot of the first shot aimed in air

the Poet and the Dancer

Istomina and Pushkin connected hidden, almost mystical bonds. To begin with the fact that they were born in one year and practically at the same time became the first everyone in the business: it - in poetry, it - in the ballet.

Alexander Sergeyevich in youth was in love with Istomina. However, with whom he only did not fall in love! Flared, tried to obtain reciprocity - and cooled down as quickly as lit up. Otherwise it turned out from Istomina: the poet and the ballerina felt in each other soulmates. And when the fire of passion was covered with ashes, between them the strange relations were established: relations of two equal creators. Not incidentally Avdotya danced Lyudmila`s part in the ballet Ruslan and Lyudmila and Circassians in Caucasian captive ! And not incidentally the poet in Eugene Onegin devoted to the ballerina of a line, become the motto of all Russian ballet: souls the executed flight .

Perhaps, Pushkin lacked few years to carry out a grandiose plan on creation new Russian novel - the novel under the name Two dancers a prototype of one of main characters of which was Istomina. But the poet fell on duel, the ballerina in a year after his death left a scene, married, gave birth to the son and died in 1848 of cholera.

New Russian novel was born thanks to talents and Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky`s efforts. The Russian ballet did not stand aside too and became famous for the whole world.

Art and life continue. But somewhere in a theatrical hall under the name Eternity young enthusiastic Pushkin still sits, looking at magic dance of so young and beautiful Istomina.