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How at deficiency of time to keep a figure? Fitness - cleaning!

the Main problem of the modern woman - deficiency of time. All of us, naturally, manage and to watch the house, both to take care of children, and to do career, but often it is necessary to make enormous efforts for it. This problem can be bypassed, carrying out several cases at once. And if the chosen occupations are in harmony with each other, then you receive real benefit.

It would be desirable to suggest you to combine house cleaning or apartments and fitness! The result will not keep itself waiting: purity and order plus slim figure!

Why cleaning is useful to a figure? Everything is simple. During this time you will spend:

1. 70 kcal - if to wash up floors with a mop;

2. 120 kcal - if to wash up floors, being kneeling;

3. 60 - 80 kcal - if to dust furniture;

4. 60 kcal - if to work as the vacuum cleaner.

For comparison: for half an hour of occupations the step - aerobics is spent to 200 kcal.

Here also it turns out that cleaning is even more effective, than occupations in fitness - club. Besides, you will not bad save. Occupations in similar institutions with the trainer stand expensively for the average woman.

And to reach double effect before beginning to clean up, it is necessary to make an anti-cellulite wrapping. Its structure is effective for giving of elasticity of your skin. It is necessary to mix a coffee thick and honey in proportions 2:1, and then to add a teaspoon of chili powder.

Apply the received gruel on problem places (hips, a stomach), wrap up food wrap, wrap up them with something warm. Everything, it is possible to start cleaning.

the Main principle

Feeling tension in certain muscles during cleaning, focus the attention on them. Calories are so best of all burned.

For example, mopping if not to sit down and to bend legs will become training for hips. Feel how muscles strain. Such pose is contraindicated only to the people having problems with health, especially that who suffers from a hypertension.

Washing of windows is considered one more effective universal exercise. Be tightened to slozhnodostupny corners, rising on tiptoe. It is possible to bend a back, to do easy inclinations. Muscles of a back and oblique muscles of a stomach which are responsible for your waist will work.

As fitness - cleaning means generally work as hands, it is necessary to take care of them. Surely use economic gloves. So you will prevent hit on skin of various harmful substances which are contained in means for mopping, sinks, toilets, and keep handles smooth.

At hanging out linen muscles of a stomach, hips and buttocks become stronger. It is necessary to make the following only: to rise on tiptoe, to straighten a back, to pull in a stomach, to strain buttocks - and hang out to yourself linen on health.

After completion of all household chores make an extension. Stretch up, then down. Deeply inhale and exhale. Look round around, praise yourself for the induced purity.

Once having tried such type of cleaning, you will hardly be able to refuse it then. So you not only will save time, but also will achieve notable results in work on the figure.

It is interesting that you feel now: fatigue or pleasant rise?