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How to cope with work loss?

If you lost work, and at present endure a stress, horror, alarm, helplessness and uncertainty in tomorrow, take advice which we offer. They for certain will help you to have this time, heavy for you, and again to look at the world with belief and hope.

Give yourself a little time to realize and endure work loss

It means that you have to stop job searches for some period and take a time - a miss. In several days you will recover again, and will feel stronger. However if in one or two weeks you are not able to recover, get out of a bed and to start job searches, it is necessary to address the expert.

From the first day after dismissal begin to care for yourself

It does not mean that you right there have to abuse, for example, junk food or give up sports activities which already rather bothered you. Make exactly the opposite: take care of yourself and the health in good sense of the word as each stress undermines our immune system and loosens nerves.

Visit your close relatives and friends

to you now embraces, comfort and support are very necessary. And the best way to get they are to communicate to people close to you. Be not isolated from all!

Reflect a little

Think of what your strengths, than you would like to be engaged further in what type of work (last) you would like to be engaged further. Record everything on paper.

If your former boss was a monster, think what you would like to see your new chief

Think what personal qualities and character your new boss has to possess. What boss you would like to avoid? Or, maybe, it should be taken into account option of to become the boss most? Perhaps, even without subordinates.

Think over as you will answer the questions concerning your former place of work

do not go into detail. Many employers already understand that the majority of the companies will be reorganized and therefore there is a staff reduction. You should not lie. The main thing not to prove to be as the victim of any changes in the company.

Limit yourself in communication with the former fellow workers

to you to anything now to know about the one who and that told who and that thought about you. It`s a waste of time.

If you still stay in grief, remember the former victories and progress

Remember that time when you were happy, happy with yourself. Look at photos on which your travel or some important events are imprinted.

Your task number one now - to recover, again to become the optimist and to begin searches of the application of the forces, and it is not so important whether there will be this business or the next work!