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How to find the good lawyer? Today I will tell

about by what criteria it is possible to determine the knowing lawyer as in this profession, unfortunately, meets much casual people. It is necessary to recognize that today the market of legal services in Russia develops spontaneously, and there is a huge number of firms, and also the lawyer educations promising to solve in a short space of time all your problems.

And as ANY person, the individual entrepreneur or the organization can actually render legal services in the sphere of the civil and arbitration law, to understand this variety of offers really hardly.

If your question lies in the plane of criminal legal proceedings, then it makes sense to look for the lawyer only according to recommendations of acquaintances - the chance to run into the charlatan is too big, especially in big cities.

I nevertheless am a supporter of the fact that everyone has to go about the own business: teachers - to teach, pilots - to fly and so on. No doubt, everyone can use legal the Internet - councils from cozy blogs or to independently write the statement of claim, but it is better not to do it as the field of law is difficult and demands professional approach. The court is some kind of opposition in which against you there will be people who are well knowing and understanding the law.

Therefore if you had a problem demanding intervention of the professional lawyer, I advise you everything - to spend the time and to communicate to different experts to be defined who suits you best of all. For this purpose at personal meeting with my dear colleagues after a summary of the arisen problem pay attention to some moments.

So, the skilled lawyer at the first meeting:

1. Will tell you what specifically documents will be necessary for it for the solution of your problem.

2. Will in details state the plan of the forthcoming work, will in detail tell that why and in what sequence it will do.

3. Will inform on the cost of the services at each stage and will report what sum will be made by the state duty for an appeal to the court.

4. Will take an advance payment for the work, will refuse your offer to receive the royalties only after the end of business .

5. Willingly will tell about the experience on similar affairs.

6. Will not begin to promise absolute a garantiyuvyigrysh on business, will not refer to a close acquaintance with judges, Barack Obama, and also other responsible persons, at the same time will call the relevant articles of laws on your business and will define degree of probability of successful outcome of the case.

7. Will clearly and accurately express the thoughts, correctly building the speech, will evasively not answer your questions ( so it is necessary all so do etc.)

8. Will try in all possible ways to settle a question in a pre-judicial order.

It is possible to continue this list, but anyway, after communication, at the intuitive level you have to have a trust to this expert. If the trust did not arise, to address, unambiguously is not necessary.

Successful to you day!