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Allergy. How to minimize a problem?

I have an allergy to strawberry and to the mathematician! . The allergy became so integral part of our life that this word was included into daily language.

Fine June day it gives pleasure in the country not to all people. Sneezing attacks, cold, a nose congestion - a fate of those who react to pollen and have hay fever every year. For allergic persons it is absolutely difficult to spend week of vacation at relatives where there are feather pillows and pets.

Today an allergy - one of the most widespread problems. Whether it is possible to minimize its risk?

The allergy is an individual protective reaction of an organism to substances which are generally not dangerous. Different people can have various allergens and change throughout life. However some substances - the most widespread causative agents of an allergy - cause undesirable reactions most often: pollen of plants, dust, pets, spinach, aspirin.

The same allergens can cause different reactions in different people: cold, asthma, hay fever, small tortoiseshell, strong heartbeat, throat hypostasis.

When the allergy was already shown, doctors try to facilitate a condition of the person: to reduce cold, an itch, etc. But there is also other way of treatment. Under skin enter gradually increasing doses of allergens in order that to teach an organism to transfer these alien substances, to adapt to them.

All know that health of our children depends on how we care for them. For some reason it is considered that if in the childhood there was no allergy, then already and will not be. Actually it is the myth. You can live years 20, and then it will become clear that you have an allergy to an ambrosia. In it there is nothing surprising. So our organism is arranged. Therefore, dear future mummies, you remember that certain restrictions during pregnancy are a compulsory measure for preservation of health of your children. Though it will also not remove predisposition to this illness.

From 15 to 30 percent of the population of the whole world suffer from an allergy. Recently conducted research shows that in it it is guilty environment.

Possibly, the allergy is a payment for modern comfort. Well heated apartments without cracks in which there is no air stream - the ideal place for microscopic dust pincers which eat parts of our skin. Waste products of these pincers cause allergic reaction. A variety of food also raises number of probable allergens. The peasant of the 19th century quite could have an allergy to mango or tangerines, but never suffered from it. These exotic fruit did not get to it to a plate. Therefore it is necessary to think over carefully the diet, especially, if you precisely know that you can eat and that it is impossible.

Environmental pollution also provokes an allergy. Really, exhaust gases of cars it is destructive work on mucous a nose and bronchial tubes and increase their sensitivity to allergens. For example, hay fever in England was found in 1810, in Germany in 1830 and in France in 1860. Means, the allergy goes after industrial development.

There is no universal remedy for its treatment, there are only means which are temporarily facilitating a state. But a lot of things depend on us. Want to be healthy - be them!