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How to avoid mistakes during creation of a stylish image?

to Each woman in power to create a fashionable stylish image, but none of us are insured from fashionable mistakes and misses. Nevertheless, some mistakes it is impossible to forgive - it would be a crime not only against fashion, but also against mankind. Whether danger to turn into the victim of fashion threatens you? We bring to your attention 14 hints how to avoid the most widespread among women (even among professional women of fashion) faux pas in fashion.

1. You do not wear clothes in color scale which is not in harmony with tone of your skin. This widespread mistake can lead to the most deplorable consequences - you will seem unnaturally pale or are more senior than the age. And vice versa - correct colors of clothes will emphasize your beauty, will make tone of the person healthier and natural.

2. You do not wear clothes from contrast fabrics. For example, warm winter fabrics heavier, dense and rough, than air summer fabrics which are made generally of natural fibers and consist of one layer. These fabrics are seldom successfully combined therefore choose some one option to avoid misunderstanding.

3. You do not wear densely fitting clothes under which lines of a bra and shorts are accurately visible. Try to choose always linen which is ideal on you sits, and you wear clothes of the size, and not smaller, otherwise not to pass accident.

4. Not too get used to casual clothes. It is more important to be dressed as that is demanded by circumstances, and at the same time even to feel easy discomfort, than to get into favourite jeans and to relax. Do not fall in love it is crazy in accessories. Their mission - to recover your suit and to emphasize its style, and in itself they mean nothing. The fashionable handbag, footwear and costume jewelry will make your image actual irrespective of clothes.

5. Be not tempted with the spangles and tinsel (which are especially located in those places to which you do not want to draw attention. For example, the sweater embroidered by beads or paillettes will draw attention to a breast that is absolutely excessive if you have a magnificent bust).

6. Do not buy clothes which to you are small, - all of you equally will not grow thin! - and jackets or jackets with the short sleeves (which are not closing a wrist). Believe, you will quickly lose interest in the acquired thing if you do not carry it. Therefore with purchase it is better not to hurry (if only you are not sure that you will be able independently to alter a thing).

7. Not too be fond of eclecticism in clothes. Purchase of the remains on sale - piece excellent from the point of view of the budget and economy, but such carelessness in the choice of clothes is fraught with serious consequences - you can ruin individual style. The clothes, chock-full any stuff which will hardly manage with something to be combined do not do you by the woman of fashion yet (it does not mean that it is impossible to buy clothes on sale).

8. Do not lean on one fabric. If you put on from head to foot only in denim or " velveteen; you risk to look ridiculously.

9. You do not hurry to get rid of favourite clothes of the most successful cut for your figure if decide to change image considerably.

10. Do not abuse cosmetics. Overdose cosmetics and the aggressive make-up quite often only emphasizes wrinkles and face defects. Try to adhere to two styles of a make-up: easy and simple day make-up and brighter evening.

11. Do not forget to remove the cracked varnish. The varnish is intended to make nails it is more beautiful also ukhozhenny, and not vice versa. If not to watch a condition of manicure, it is possible to pass for the sloven which does not observe elementary hygiene.

12. You do not carry an unfashionable hairdress. The hairdress speaks to people around about your age, the social status, education, financial position and many other. Certainly, it will be only instinctive assumptions which are not always true. Regularly visit a hairdressing salon and you follow the fashion on hairdresses. If your stylist on a habit does to you a hair which already bothered you, change the stylist.

13. You do not wear the shoes which are not corresponding to style of a suit. The footwear has to be in harmony with the chosen clothes style and supplement it.

14. You do not wear panty hoses which are not combined with footwear, trousers or a skirt. Never you wear panty hoses with sandals (if sandals rub legs, you wear colourless or transparent panty hoses which are almost imperceptible).

Good luck!