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How to choose jewelry?

the Choice of jewelry a little in what differ from the choice of clothes. The main thing - to adhere to own sense of style and not to recede from favourite habits. However, sometimes it is useful to go beyond comfort zones and from time to time to experiment. Very important at the choice of jewelry to remember the available clothes and to select costume jewelry to clothes, but not to be fond and buy up everything. Jewelry - the last stroke finishing your image therefore it is necessary to choose them with special care.

We develop strategy

1. Define what you need ornament for. You want that it immediately drew attention and caused envy? Or you want that it supplemented the dress which is already available for you? Whether there has to be ornament effective or not striking, but elegant?

2. Be convinced that the chosen ornament is suitable for that action where you are going to put on it. The sexual velvet ribbon with a massive decorative buckle is ideally suited for a friendly party in night club, but will be hardly pertinent in the business atmosphere of a conference hall of board of directors.

3. Solve how long and as often you intend to wear ornament.

4. Define how many money you are ready for it to spend.

5. Whenever possible try on the chosen ornament or bring it to clothes to see as far as it suits you.

We choose ornament

Even if you have a favourite designer, it is absolutely optional to be loyal to him to a coffin; to keep freshness of taste, it is just necessary " from time to time; to have a bit on the side and to change it with other designers. Moreover, jewelry absolutely optional has to be design. Even it is possible to find such charming, just unique bagatelles which and without the known label will cause sensation in the most ordinary little shop. Combine and select accessories to look unique and it is magnificent!

Effective jewelry of artificial materials (so-called Costume Jewelry) as design, and is not present, will become fine addition of any style. Such costume jewelry can be bought at reasonable price as in usual shops, and online. The vintage costume jewelry enjoys special popularity - it perfectly remained and is very original. One of advantages of similar jewelry - it is possible to leave them easily, without regrets; to give, lose and at the same time not to wish about the lost money.

Design jewelry is slightly more expensive, remains slightly longer and, besides, they are more traditional therefore it is possible to carry them several seasons, without risking to pass for unfashionable.

Jewelry of pure silver (the 925th test) differs in availability and a big variety. If pure silver is too expensive for you, buy couple of silvered bagatelles. Silver jewelry has to be in collections of each woman, whether it be graceful weaving of earrings or chains or massive effective bracelets. Silver improves any style and is suitable for any action.

Similar universalism also gold or gilded jewelry possesses. If jewelry of pure gold is available not to all, then each woman is able to afford gilded bagatelles. Gold, as well as silver, perfectly fits into any style and looks smartly and elegantly.

Purchase of rings can turn into a true pleasure - what can be more pleasant than fitting of this jewelry with the poured stones, wide and massive, or graceful and womanly? At the choice of a ring length and the size of fingers has huge value. For example, the long aristocratic fingers covered with massive rings with large stones look unnaturally, - such rings suit girls with wide long fingers more. Also length of nails is important. To find the a ring, try on several jewelry. Also decide with what and where you are going to carry the chosen ring. For example, if you work with fabrics, do not buy a ring with keen edges which can tear fabric. Remember that a ring - small, but very important accessory which influences a complete image.

Upon purchase of a necklace or necklace be convinced that you know the size of own neck. It is especially important upon purchase of a necklace in the Internet - shops where you have no opportunity to try on the chosen ornament. For a neck standard the size the necklace about 40 centimeters long, however is ideally suited if you have a wide neck, such necklace can be small. Measure length of favourite necklaces from your collection - it will help you to determine the approximate length of jewelry which needs to be looked for. A beads and long evening necklaces (length more than 30 centimeters) look just fantastically. They can be wound around a neck several times, to stick in knot or to carry as soon as prompts you your rich imagination. Choosing a multi-colored beads or necklaces, be convinced that color of a necklace is combined with tone of your skin. It is not excluded that this color is in harmony with clothes, however if it it is unprofitable shades tone of skin, your style will only lose from it.

Before buying a bracelet, answer the following questions: with what you intend to carry it and how effective has to be ornament? A variety of options is simply boundless - can choose a large wide bracelet or a graceful bracelet with a natural stone. If the bracelet is not clasped, be convinced that he easily puts on (and acts!) on a hand. The choice of a bracelet of the suitable size is very important as too narrow bracelet will leave not esthetic strips on skin, and too wide - continually to slide off and be lost.

Hands - one of means of expression available to us, and gestures we quite often say more, than words. Try to carry three thin bracelets on one wrist - it not only emphasizes beauty of thin hands, but also symbolizes the power and power. Color of bracelets should not coincide so safely experiment! Do not forget about such elegant accessory as a bracelet with hours (so-called hours - a bracelet).

Upon purchase of earrings to you should face really difficult choice, design options (trailing earrings, hoops, carnations, etc.) and materials (enamel, beads, precious metals, and even a tree) are simply infinite. The size of earrings is very important for that image which you want to create. The more earrings, they are more noticeable than subjects, and the they draw more attention to a face and a neck. Large or trailing earrings will suit not each woman - here everything depends on a face form and fineness of lines. The best way to define what suits you, - experiment!

Upon purchase of earrings it is also important to span to remember that small, hardly noticeable earrings, visually integrate features, and big earrings, on the contrary, do them more small. So large earrings will help you to dump several kilograms visually! Choose the ear rings proportional to your features and which form is opposite to a face form - on their background the person will look more harmonious. For example, full-faced girls are not recommended to wear round earrings - so their person will seem still krugly.

As you, probably, already understood, jewelry can be chosen indefinitely, deriving pleasure from the process. Jewelry - ideal accessories which will add any style therefore it is necessary to choose them with special attention!