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How booksellers see knigopokupatel? Revelations settled ofen of

Ofenya - in old times so called the vagrant bookseller and other small goods. Beautiful word, juicy. And now, happens, young people with wide smiles come, offer books, only for some reason more and more so-called esoteric . That is, beautifully published rubbish. And behind normal books it is necessary - to go all to shop or on the book market.

Here quite interesting look from that party of a counter - on buyers. I will not tell that I agreed with its conclusions, but, nevertheless, to esteem entertainingly.

is Told by the bookseller:

Often it is necessary to hear from absolutely different people of the complaint that now read much less, than earlier . Refer at the same time to reports of the Soviet information bureau that Russia The Soviet Union - the most reading country in the world and so on. Yes, of course, in the USSR was what to read not that now. There to you and the political book and, you will not believe, classics!

The modern book market from the forerunner differs as the sky from the earth. Print everything, the range - the huge. However, and circulations not Soviet.

Whatever were books whatever were sellers, and buyers to us all the same come. Sooner or later the book will be bought. It is the law! And who, interestingly, buys them?

Women come into bookstore more often. Buy generally: the fan is Shui, esoterics, astrology, popular psychology, national healing etc. Quite often ask the advertized authors - fiction writers, being guided most often on radio - and to telecasts (here it is a success secret!) . Well and detektivchik with female romanchik in a soft cover - buy up in tons. And that is characteristic, almost all readers of some Darya Dontsova realize what level these works, and it is rare when fork up on options in a firm cover. By way of exception - novelties. Because it is ordinary publishing practice: at first in firm option, then, several months later - in soft. And, as it is strange, regardless of the current season of the woman adore buying something about a garden - a kitchen garden and everyone needlework popular at present. Few months ago it was the batic, and the embroidery wave silk tapes already drives (besides - advertizing of certain books).

Girls in respect of literary addictions will be more boring - generally come for educational literature. The fantasy is not read, seemingly, in general. Occasionally take fashionable authors like Bykov or Murakami (any). I will never that someone from them returned then behind other remember.

Young people till twenty years is an educational literature, or something fantastic, but written on the basis of one of the untwisted game worlds: Varkraft, Varkhammer, Diablo, the Forgotten Kingdoms. In general, to us they get seldom. But. They still can be untwisted on mythology or something historical. Besides they buy unless set of the young motorist : Traffic regulations and tickets with comments to them. And for street muggers it is in general only subject among our shelves.

Adult men - perhaps, category with the most versatile tastes. On astrology they are not conducted, contact esoteric authors generally through low-level nationalist books of the " type; Blow of the Russian gods and Yury Petukhov`s verses. A party - that one. Technical literature is, certainly, - yes. Psychology and, most often - psychology of network sales. Here they love, having got to network sales managers, to run and stock up right there on theoretical base. History - it is very frequent. Martial arts and hunting / fishing - much more less than it is possible to assume. But well take journalism and everyones grants for intelligence agencies (there is also such genre). Well and there on interests: who chess, and who underwater fishing. The fantasy is bought too though the tipchik reading it those still clowns. Here - excuse. I was at first shocked.

Pensioners are two types.

Oh, these of the grandma ! They or choke for each ruble, or buy books by piles. The esoterics and healing certainly are in the lead. The kitchen garden fades into the background. And, if what grandma becomes interested in some certain author, then she this author zadolbit all people surrounding it. Also will not calm down until they do not attend to purchase of its books too. In this plan of the grandma are very profitable. And here in morally - ethical they - an excellent loud-hailer for various sectarians. Already how many I cut off grandmas on Hubbard - not to consider. In one ear flies (it is sect!), from another takes off (at me the daughter is interested, and I will be treated by it!) .

Grandfathers . Unlike grandmas they are avaricious, and except cheap editions are interested in nothing. In the weight they buy up everyones lives across Bolotov diagnostics of a karma and other semi-mystical - polutselitelsky editions. The main thing that the cover was soft. Almost all grandfathers are vegetables. Sadly, but fact: constantly facing elderly people, you understand that women keep reasonableness of mind much longer. But the fact that within let and long years this mind at them especially ordinary, it becomes obvious too. They prefer to be content with someone else`s imaginations, but the devil take me if they though something from this for themselves, in the majority, take out.

Except gender and age division, it is possible to pokromsat still buyers on groups on interests. Honestly I admit, before arrival to bookstore I was confident that informal parties - destiny of youth.

Ha, as if not so!

Esoterics . Probably, the oldest group tied directly on literature. Tolkiyenistov was not yet, and they already were! And how they look? Oh, esoterics in especially started cases appears in the form of excited lean young ladies of advanced years. They learned secrets of the universe, they live under space laws, and we only a myasoyedsky scum which will be wiped out by the future Era of Fire, Hera Vodoleya, the Apocalypse - as you wish. What touches, generally all of them with the higher arts education, probably, therefore noodles about true world order especially successfully lays down on their ears. Will bother to work, I will begin to write esoterics.

Mystics . It is less of them. Gloomy children. Sorcerers yes black magicians, and still witches and in general concrete powers of darkness. These, unlike esotericists, do not sit quietly aside, discussing problems of space scale behind a cup of tea in a friendly circle. Mystics at us all entirely guides . Or they consist in some groups, or conduct these groups. Buy from us cheaper, sell among the more expensively. Something " type; driving schools only for wizards. These companions, having appeared in the power of the Law of the Karma, did not become white vegeteriansky lambs. Apparently, having realized that they sinned much, they decided that is more cunning than them nobody is not present. So. Drumbeat. The Person is an illness . Correction of a karma . Well, the same esoterics, but trusts in force of indulgences. Too generally women, but come across also gloomy adherents. Though, Crowley and Gold dawn they do not smoke.

Fighters . Strong such little men of years of forty. Nationalists unanimously. All collect in general the new literature concerning specifics of work of secret services, training of intelligence agents and also which - that from Martial arts. Here such here cedar egregors.

Seriously ill . I will not make mischief into the account of these people. They simply desperate who are not knowing what to do, appeared suddenly before the fact of fast death.

There is one more group actually they not absolutely buyers. Usually come to us to shop (and not only to us) it is terrible lonely people . And very densely sit down on ears. And in an hour you begin to understand, from - for what they are so lonely.

Here actually and everything that came to mind offhand. The main thing, do not forget:

is Now published ALL. It is possible to find any author. You come to shops where work under the order, and copy to yourself a price - sheets. At the due level of patience - as a result you obryashcht .