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How to make so that she fell in love and overslept with me?

Such question - an indicator that you suffer from a syndrome “ its I love one “. “ Pioneer “ who does not realize that he is a pioneer, will never understand why nobody can answer him this question and why it will never be able to catch this woman with its present relation.

First of all, you need to understand that if you think in this way, you will always remain a pioneer and almost always you will have failures with women (your success will depend only on luck - from here expression “ it is lucky “ which is so loved by representatives of a pioneering). That is why don`t you see an arrangement of this woman: you for the present do not know how to leave and catch 10 more desired women for a short time. If you KNEW how to make it, you would not be obsessed with desire to catch THIS woman, and you would already know the answer to the question. Why? Think over it.

If you could catch 10 or more women who it is cleverer, more pleasant, more beautiful and are more desired, than that with which you are obsessed how you think as far as significant it would be for you? You see it is impossible to turn from the pioneer into the guru without a certain understanding at once. First of all, you have to admit to yourself that you are a pioneer and to pass into the restoration mode, becoming “ the maturing pioneer “. Learn not to think on - pioneer, and the road to the guru will be open. And as soon as this road will open, you will begin to understand the answer to the asked question. The reason of complexity of this question for pioneers that true understanding of the answer - some kind of enlightenment.

I NOT wonder and, especially, it why it is not in love with you or why she with you acts this way. Wonder: “WHAT CAN I MAKE THAT IT BECAME MINE? “

your problem is not the specific girl, but a lack of understanding of what is not enough in your pikapersky skills. Therefore the answer to your question will never concern specifically described situation, and will always be speaks about need to find out what skills of the pickup and a seducing in you are not enough, and to begin to develop them, practicing on many other little girls.

First of all, oversleep with ten other girls within the next month, and then you will solve, whether you should try obtain your present passion still. If you already have skills to put to bed so many women in a month, you already know the answer to the question. Otherwise, you need to work on such skills, accumulating knowledge and experimenting with what you study to. As soon as you make it, the girl on whom you are lovesick, most likely, will disappear from your thoughts as now you know that your choice increased repeatedly. And in general, if you sit, idly, you will achieve nothing. Understand that you risk NOTHING as you have NOTHING!!! Act!