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How to choose diamonds?

We want to help you to make a right choice and to tell about what should be considered, buying diamonds. So, at first decide on a type of goods which you want to get. Whether there will be this ready jewelry or not put in order diamond, or the order of a product on own design. Be defined where you will buy diamond: in jewelry store or in the Internet - shop.

Decide also on the estimated buying price. Allow time for studying information on diamonds. Decide for yourself that it is the most important for you: size, purity, facet. For example, three-karat diamond with group of purity 7 will cost twice cheaper, than a dvukhkaratnik with the fourth degree of purity. At the ninth group of purity of an impregnation become noticeable with the naked eye, and such diamonds cost even cheaper. Choose the best offers in the market, having attentively studied it.

Collect information on shop in which you plan to make purchase, try to learn customer reviews. Choose couple of companies having available diamonds which interest you, and find out conditions of carrying out survey and the transaction. It is good if the consultant of the company has gemological education, he will tell about features of each diamond, will help to decide on the choice. If diamond has low degree of purity, ask the consultant to explain in what extent of inclusion and other features influence passing of light, its brightness and a sparkling.

Surely examine diamond, be not limited to information which is contained in the offer. Compare diamond to other stones at different lighting, in the movement and in a quiet state.

Upon purchase, undoubtedly, it should be taken into account individual addictions of future owner. If you want to buy not put in order diamond, and then to order its facet, consult with several experts, at least, with the gemologist and with the jeweler.

The expert opinion or the certificate are passport diamond also help to be convinced of its authenticity. Compare a stone and data of the certificate to be convinced that the certificate is issued on this diamond.

Ask to weigh a stone, examine it in a magnifying glass to study its microscopic features. If on diamond there is no certificate or the expert opinion be surely convinced that goods original. You should not buy diamonds without the conclusion of independent examination if you cannot carry out an expert assessment independently.

Be convinced that the company in which you buy diamond has the registration certificate of Assay supervision. It grants the right to carry out transactions with jewelry and jewels. Learn whether the company is a member of Diamond Chamber of Russia. Specify whether there is a possibility of return of goods, what conditions and terms.

Sometimes the price is called without the certification price, certification is usually paid by the buyer. Be convinced of integrity of packing. Diamond is usually packed into plastic packing together with the expert opinion. Having bought diamond, you can open packing.

Keep diamond clean, over time the sparkling of diamond can decrease. In this case wash out it in solution of baking soda.