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What sexual potential at your mistress? If you want to learn

what your mistress in a bed, it is not obligatory to drag there it at all, rather simply to take a clean sheet of paper and a set of colored pencils or felt-tip pens.

The scheme of your actions to a disgrace is banal: you ask yours princess to draw the beloved`s portrait, you kiss the beauty on a nose and hastily you retire on kitchen to cook coffee. On the wondering question water-ice of your heart about that why you need it, answer with grace of Don Juan who got used to give away compliments: Darling it will be a small gift for me. Looking at your drawing, I 24 hours a day will remember you, my love!. .

However, it is possible to do also without cheap lyrics and to nobody the necessary lies. Tell the girl that - it is possible to determine the sexual potential of the person by drawing. Women - beings extremely inquisitive, and each of them horror as wants to receive intimate particulars about herself, about you, about your neighbors and neighbors of your friends.

After the beauty joyful squeal notifies you on completion of creative process, do not forget to say enthusiastically a compliment about her high art abilities. Upon termination of a stage of a razdarivaniye of compliments it is possible to start interpretation panels .

First of all, pay attention to how the man in drawing is located . Most of girls with the normal level of sexuality represents the standing man . Any other pose creates probability that - attention! - your partner is inclined to quite courageous imaginations of intimate character.

The women who are not possessing the outstanding imagination in a bed will draw flat the man in a fullface. More emotional and sexually active girls, as a rule, try to make drawing volume.

Also pay attention to that, the man is how frankly drawn . The woman who does not have anomalies in the intimate sphere or will draw the excited penis, or will hint at its existence easy flourish .

If the woman avoids drawing of male genitals, - write was gone! Means, she with the known degree of negativity treats sex in general or is even afraid of sexual intercourse. B] the Sluggish, unexcited member in drawing - too a sad sign. It is possible to assume that such madam has a wide experience of sexual contacts unsatisfactory or unpleasant to it. Reel up on a mustache and try to change its ideas of sexual games!

If you did not manage to retire, and the desire to observe the drawing beauty prevailed over desire to take fragrant to coffee, try from delightfully - reverential examining skulpturno of the molded features of your girlfriend to switch on... supervision over sequence of a portrayal of a male body.

If drawing begins with the head , rejoice - it is a sign of excellent female temperament. If in the beginning appear of a hand or a leg is an indicator that your partner is quite sociable, but it can be windy and, forgive for frankness, with ease of the flitting moth can move from a bed of one man to a bed of another.

The woman drawing a figure, beginning with genitals probably is accustomed to build all relations and contacts with people on a sexual basis. However, such drawing can mean and the neglect to feelings of the partner - in sex this woman cares only for own pleasure.

It is a hundred times better if you offered as make-shifts to the girl not felt-tip pens, but pencils. Because on thickness of the used lines it is possible to judge its sexual inquiries, that is what men will satisfy it, and what not really.