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How to become the ideal mistress?

Even if you is not married, you should not do the life defective and to lose pleasure of intimate life. Life without man is only a part of the life, besides intimate meetings (let and rare) will help to create to you illusion not of loneliness. And it - what so is not enough for much of us, isn`t that so?

... Your lover finds your relations concerning, pulls him to you, and he just does not think without you of the life though he, maybe, also is married. And all because you are an ideal mistress!

So, what it? First of all is a woman sensual, deriving pleasure as it promotes also own liberation of men from intimate proximity. Say to the man that you want him, do not hide the sexual desires, and you will see how it is exciting on him will work!

the Ideal mistress is able to talk sexually (no, it is optional about that between the man and the woman, though about that too) to play upon words, intonation, a voice timbre, pauses, a smile. She is able to emphasize the sex appeal with linen, clothes and gait. It will never refuse to the darling proximity. Even if he will offer it instead of a bed with white sheets a chair in the office or a glade in the wood.

It tender, gentle, does not accept roughness and if it is whimsical, then slightly - slightly. And often itself acts as the initiator of intimate proximity.

But it is incomplete " set; qualities of the ideal mistress. According to men, the woman of their dream under any pretext should not: to interfere with their private life and to constrain their freedom. In a categorical form to try to learn when the next meeting. To call without cause by telephone, especially in cases when the man is married, to hint at gifts and especially to demand them in a categorical form, to be capricious and blackmail the man (if you do not make that - I...) . To tell to the right and on the left about these relations. And even... has to be ready to leave without scenes if it is necessary.

But also, the ideal mistress is a woman clever. History, by the way, informed us of such funny case. Napoleon, asking the aide-de-camp to find him the lady for the night, highlighted that that was clever. Pardon, the sir and why to the woman in a bed it is a lot of mind? - that was perplexed. And to whom I will talk in breaks between...? - there was an answer. Well and whether, of course, it is necessary to say that the ideal mistress has to love the partner. However, how many men - are so much in this respect opinions and people are generally not ideal. Therefore, perhaps, in useful it will be unostentatious to take an interest at the darling for what line of conduct he waits from you what qualities in women are pleasant to it and what - are not present. And then, perhaps, you will also manage to become for it that missing half in search of which people sometimes carry out all the life.