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Parents are children, to find understanding of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

of the Relations between parents and children understanding

p Youth has to watch interesting

at an old age - eyes of the future, and an old age on youth - the past.

z Long-term subordination of children to parents - generates offense.

z Silly children`s offenses, as well as admiration, at the subconscious level remain for the rest of life, disturbing it is fair to belong and estimate relatives.

z For losers the children who achieved in life though something -

happiness. For the children who did not reach the same heights which achieved in life of much - disappointment.

z One of the main reasons of misunderstanding between parents and children - the outlook changing with age.

z Parents sometimes to children are rigid from - for concerns on their future.

and Parents can not understand the children - but they cannot but love them. p That children you considered

and understood, it is necessary to rise to them, having returned the lost feelings, spirituality, morality, simplicity, cheerfulness, goodwill

and Parents on the present are happy with the children, only when those surpass them.

and For the sake of children of people concerns to parents worse.

The relations between parents and children

pv Parents first of all have to be for children friends,

and then already unostentatious, a little noticeable tutors.

pv Parents in modern life cannot deprive children of freedom therefore it is very important to give them the necessary advice in time and to throw important information.

p you Want to have contact with children - do not leave the childhood.

z Least of all people seeks to win arrangements to itself parents - it at them to it and is so put by the nature, besides in damage of the parental arrangement which is much - he tries to obtain an arrangement of other people.

z the Person instinctively makes thrifty use of the children. Those human patrimonial lines which showed insufficient care to them, having interrupted a sort, disappeared.

and to Children is heavier to transfer parents. yu Hardly children will endure

so - if at parents appetite is gone.


and the Human relations - psychological game.

p is responsible For quality of human relations the one who is cleverer.

p As people treat you - read on faces of their children.

and Unscrupulous boors a good attitude to themselves perceive

as an opportunity to become impudent, be rude, betray, to change

p Everything that we do for others - comes back. and The more expensively we the person appreciate

- the more we forgive it.

and One people put wounds to us - others help to heal them.

p should not forget that, bowling off, even normal people often behave unworthy.

p Treating badly others of people on a habit, inertia, forgetfulness - treats badly and himself.

and the Human relations are similar to driving on the sledge from the mountain,

when we, doing by many efforts and dobra, having reached top, instantly slide down, having made the person it is bad. Than people it is sillier and worse, runners on the sledge are ground by that stronger, and souls are rougher.

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