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How to bring the girl to an orgasm?

Are fine, went little by little. Means, it is necessary for the woman for receiving an orgasm (who could think?!) to be excited. And - to the act. Hands below a belt we do not climb, we do not grab a breast. At first.

It is initially believed that the girl is located to sex. Especially I recommend to deal with purely washed up girl - and it is more pleasant to kiss her, and to it is quieter that it is pure. At many on it a complex. If are familiar for a long time, it is possible to nestle on it the standing member at once, it will be pleasant to it. You can tell it what you are going to do, in details... Hot whisper in an ear, his kisses, necks also you act as you describe.

I recommend to linger on kisses of a neck and ears, and the pose as can be replaced quicker with lying - more conveniently so. Only do not bring down it at once if you doubt that she wants.

It is obligatory to kiss a neck, ears. Slightly you suck lobes of ears, it is possible to bite, but it is not strong.

Language you caress an ear from within, its tip you get into an opening, gently breathe in an ear, it is very good to whisper words, a name of the lady, then transition to lips again, hands caress a neck, ears, again lips, a neck - see that it is already excited, begin to kiss a neck stronger, hide teeth behind lips, bite here so to it a neck, ears can already be gnawed teeth, but is accurate, do not forget about whisper and caress a language tip... Sometimes there is in the bottom of a nape a sensitive zone, but I met only couple of times... Try, can and will be.

Tenderly to iron it fingers at first, then is stronger. Still - the breast press down her breast - they them are sensitive y to pressure. Be not enough with hands - let it will be excited so that itself will ask or will obviously show. Will nestle hips on you - let. Ho take your time, nestled - press it also pokrepche, and any more than nothing.

Continue to kiss, in such state do not remember about lips any more, switch completely to a neck (!) and ears, breath is already stronger, hotter, but an animal do not behave. Early still. Here when the lady will begin to nestle more and stronger, can put hands both on a breast, and on buttocks... Depending on what it nestles stronger...


A breast - surely learn whether such caress is pleasant to it. If is not present - even do not think of it. With nipples is more careful, strongly do not squeeze a breast at first, only if asks or itself you see that it is pleasant to it. We iron a breast against an hour arrow, fingers, it is not necessary to be enough with all palm. You begin from edges of a breast with fingers and, having made a semicircle, you pass to nipples - you iron a nipple finger-tips, then as if you pass nipples in the moved apart fingers, and you take nipples in the movement.

So, still - we do not forget all this time about kisses of ears, words. There is one more trifle - closer to it move up the leg, push between her legs and press down to... you understand itself to what, she will prompt pressing force to you. Hy itself also the member nestle, on a measure of its excitement is stronger and stronger, it is possible to imitate the movements, as at the act.

Ho we will return to a breast. Now it is possible to clasp it with a palm, picking up as if from below, a big and index finger iron a nipple (accurately). Further caress is already stronger (I assume that all this is pleasant to it) it is possible to clasp and squeeze a breast strongly.

Breast kisses. Language you lick a nipple from below up, you suck it, do not try to take all breast in a mouth, the nipple and the adjacent area suffices. The back party of language - the circular movements around a nipple, then a language tip a tip of a nipple tease - let the lady see it, on a face try to represent pleasure.

Caress the second breast a hand, long do not linger on one breast, between breasts it is very pleasant too to them when you kiss. The licking movements by language which are soaking up kisses - it is not strong. Clavicles, shoulders - the soaking-up kisses, pokusyvaniya the teeth hidden for lips it is possible and not hidden if slight pain is pleasant to the lady. Only be not fond.

If you iron shoulders - the movements of average force, lungs will calm it on the contrary.

Buttocks. In the middle of everyone there are two sensitive places, to kiss them, to tickle language. Hands to squeeze buttocks with average and stronger caress, fingers, a palm, but it is not rough - traces remain and is painful to the lady. Hesitate to ask He why it moaned - can quite be that you are too cruel.

An internal surface of hips - easy caress, fingers as if run on skin, caress hairs (there are they, is - an easy down, try to iron at first only it), then a movement palm from a knee above, but take your time to touch it even if she asks. To kiss the strong movements, language to lick strongly - strongly, then we come back to ears and we kiss them, showing the strongest excitement, the member you nestle as soon as you can, in ears you breathe hotly, hot, you show the desire.

In the principle, it is possible and to enter, the girl is for certain ready... Ho is not the highest grade, dirty work.

Now it is good to walk slightly up to a breast again, to go down the ironing movements on a back to buttocks, it is strong (not roughly, still I tell time - you will beat off all desire!) to squeeze them, to nestle the member already to to the destination and... anything. The lady has to sigh, embrace you and show what wants. And let. It will be interrupted so far. Fingers pass to an internal surface of hips again and at the end of the movement touch sexual lips up. You touch it where a vagina, slightly a finger inside.

Your lips again of y of ears, the member nestles on it and without hiding any more, completely move as at the act. By a finger you do the movement up, to a clitoris, and, without being late, again down, other fingers move on her lips ( there !). So several time, then already middle finger on a clitoris, caress him. Roundabouts, against hour. Hy, actually, it can so be brought to an orgasm without the aid of the member...

You will return again down, the basis of a palm you iron a clitoris, fingers you get inside (nails - cut that? hands - washed that?) you iron it on a circle, then again is deeper, again slightly an entrance y finger, on a circle, fingers up on a clitoris, stroked both down, and deeply inside, again on a circle... Here after a minute - another of such actions it can already terminate.

Here such moment - you did not terminate, truly? To it it is inconvenient that it is good to use to ask it to make what she did not want earlier or could not. Tell it as it was pleasant to you to iron it, and then ask what you want.