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What is love of Agape?

Practically in all modern languages are only one word for the description of love whereas in Greek at least four different words for this purpose were used: Eros storge filia and agape .

The love is sensual, Eros , it is not subject to human will. It is part of the nature operating on it natural to laws. In essence this feeling is very related any other natural emotion: to hunger, thirst, cold - as it is satisfied through possession and consumption. Love Eros arises, develops and vanishes owing to the events or circumstances not subject to it happening to the person and, mostly, as in his body, and outside. Special state of nature, climate, good food and mood generate in a human body a certain fermentation of hormones which finds the external expression in a peculiar behavior which we call - depending on its intensity - love, a love inclination or love passion. There is nothing specifically human in such love though, of course, most of people tries to find it absolutely special and original expression.

Love storge - into Russian it is, as a rule, translated as tenderness . In Ancient Greek classics by it feelings of a dog in relation to the owner could even be described. It is used for the description of external manifestations of others " types; love, giving a peculiar shade.

Love filia in Russian often is called respect because in it very little personal; as this relation of the personality to type, for example: love related - love to some group of people or objects. Its nature and dynamics are more rational, i.e. it is easier for person to explain it to itself on the basis of introspection and experiences. It is possible to cause feeling of this sort deliberately, as well as previous. As for its saturation, as a rule, the problem is solved by more or less adequate replacement of a desired object of love by similar - the same sort.

Word agape it is translated as fraternal affection or love feast . Verb agapao - expresses the conscious decision on a blagoraspolozhennost and respect for the person, irrespective of his patrimonial or group accessory or quality any other inherent in this personality.

That is, love of Agape expresses the active, presenting love focused on the neighbor`s benefit without the slightest shadow of self-interest or attachment to any quality of the beloved. If the love of Agape governs the person, he tests something it is similar to delight. This feeling which fills it all to the last section, reducing any attempt of negative manifestation to dust. (Paulo Coelho).

They say that such love is a basis of everything existing, and private forms of manifestation - Eros storge filia (ESF), - only a weak reflection of that state which the person can test. If the love of ESF depends on the value of that to whom they are directed, then the love of Agape sotvoryat value in its object. Agape seeks to give joy and pleasure to another, without expecting an award in exchange.

The concept of Agape includes all subordinate forms of love and does not deny them at all. Moreover, proving in operation, the love of Agape is realized by means of ESF. Agape is not indulgence strong to weak, in this love of people overcomes not only the imperfection, but also the advantage . This love is free from a taboo, it goes beyond a ban and willfulness. But Agape does not break, does not destroy border, and overcomes it, masters it, seizes it.

The concept of Agape got the widest circulation in religion. It is also used in philosophy, fiction and psychology. In each area Agape accepts a bit different value, but the uniform thought is traced that Agape is the most sublime, beautiful, spiritual and unique feeling.

World yes love to your house!