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How to become stronger? Exercises with weights

Many of us, men, want to become stronger. Such is the nature. We with pleasure watch sports meets, we dream to look stronger, more, than we are actually, but not each of us is ready for the sake of development of power qualities, physical power, to endow the time.

Actually to spend two, three hours a week for improvement of the physical shape, developments of force are not so much. For years of trainings I had to watch often the beginning athletes - fans, sank down which lasted for one or one and a half months, it is no more. People blindly copy a technique of great athletes of the present, their system of exercises, and are disappointed, without having received worthy result.

There is a simple explanation: true professionals are absolutely other category of athletes very very different from fans. For the sake of result they are ready to be ready to do anything - the use of anabolic steroids, application of the most powerful pharmacological preparations, hormones of growth and other rubbish. From all this the effect comes much earlier, and use of similar stimulators does not exclude hardest trainings, but, five - ten years - and you, most likely, the disabled person. Amateur sport allows to have from training satisfaction, feeling of full life, but not existence for the sake of result.

So, you resolved to become stronger? If yes, that note the following rules.

It is necessary well, variously and properly to eat. Correctly, using natural products.

General multiarticulate exercises, such as squats with a bar on shoulders have to become the main at trainings, a press lying, stanovy draft. Also it is necessary to include pullings up on a crossbeam and exercises on bars. The special attention needs to be paid to squats with a bar on shoulders. Many very often underestimate this type of loading, and in vain. The best exercise for development of force and power does not exist. Squat in one approach on 20 repetitions at least once in a week, gradually increasing weight from training to training, and in a month you do not recognize yourself. Only one heavy approach from 20 repetitions, but rather labor-consuming is necessary. (In more detail about methods of performance of exercises it is possible to read in Stewart Mac Robert`s books).

It is very important to be restored and have a rest correctly. Frequent and long training is not capable to make of you the strong person, it only tires and leads to an overtraining.

There is one more fine power shell capable it is not worse to change you bars and dumbbells, unfairly forgotten in our country are weights. Historical data claim that exercises with similar burdenings appeared among gunners, for development of force necessary for dragging of kernels, and were is included in training of military. Training with weights allows not only to build up fine muscle bulk, but also to develop excellent endurance, to strengthen kostno - the muscular device in general and warmly - vascular system. They promote development mobile as mercury, active muscles, but not a static muscular armor, as in bodybuilding. Besides, for occupations with weights it is not obligatory for you to visit a gym - it is possible to work with them also at home, and in the yard (of course, it is necessary to provide the platform). Weights happen 16 - ti, 24 - x and 32 - x kilogram. Beginners need to begin with the smallest weight. Just before exercises it is very important to warm up properly in order to avoid injuries. It is possible to be engaged according to such program (the author - Mike Makhler):


- Rises on shoulders and serial presses: 3x5

- Serial thirst for a belt, standing in an inclination: 3x8 each hand

- Mill (alternate squeezing of weights from a shoulder up): 3x5 each hand

- Rocking of one weight: 3x10 each hand


- Breakthrough by one hand: 3x10 each hand

- Turkish squats (the weight rises on an outstretched arm up and without lowering it, it is necessary to sit down on hunkers, to sit down on a floor, to lay down on a back, to rise, upside-down. It is possible more simply - from a starting position lying): 3x5 each hand

- Farmer walks (walking with two weights in hands): 3x200 meters


- Rises on shoulders and serial presses: 3x8

- Thirst of the weight for a belt from situation in an emphasis lying: 3x8

- Mill : 3x5 each hand

- Rocking of two weights (swing): 3x10

Makhler advises also to perform the following operations for restoration after each training:

Stretch all main muscular groups within 10 - 15 minutes at the end of each training occupation.

Take a contrast shower (30 seconds of cold and 60 seconds of hot water).

Have a rest and relax after each training and, also in days, free from occupations.

you Sleep not less than 8 hours a day.

1 - 2 time a month visit the sports massage therapist.

I assure you, it is very effective instrument of development of force and endurance.

These councils are checked by practice of my six years` trainings. On some indicators I managed to increase force in two - three times. Good luck!