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Whether it is possible to invent " cap of darkness; or As the fairy tale to make bylyyu

For a long time many tempting dream of antiquity is achieved; many fantastic miracles became property of science But whether it is impossible to invent and " cap of darkness; i.e., to find means to make itself absolutely invisible?

The one who read the novel of the English writer Wells Invisible man , remembers that, according to the author, such opportunity is quite feasible. The main character of the novel claims: Any transparent thing becomes invisible if to place it on Wednesday with index of refraction, identical with it. It is enough to think the trifle to be convinced that glass can be made invisible and in air: it is necessary to arrange so that its index of refraction equaled to index of refraction of air because then, passing from glass to air, light not will neither be reflected, nor to refract at all .

You can object that people - at all did not flow down! What the hero of the novel will answer you: Paper, for example, consists of transparent fibrils, it is white and impenetrable therefore why the glass powder refracting and reflecting light each grain is white and impenetrable. Butter white paper, fill with oil intervals between fibrils so that refraction and reflection of light happened only on surfaces, - and paper will become transparent as glass. And not only paper, but also fibers of a cloth, fiber of wool, tree fiber, our bones, muscles, hair, nails and nerves! In a word, all structure of the person, except red substance in its blood and a dark pigment of hair, - everything consists of transparent colourless fabric; here so the little does us visible each other!

That, the hero of the novel of Wells invented a way to do transparent all fabrics of a human body, and even its dyes, and applied the opening to own body, having become imperceptible and powerful

ten years Later after the English novelist wrote the Invisible being the German anatomist prof. V. Shpaltegolts carried out his idea in practice, - the truth, not for live organisms, and for dead preparations. It is possible to see these transparent preparations of parts of a body, even the whole animals, in many museums now. A way of preparation of the transparent preparations developed (in 1911) the prof. V. Shpaltegolts, consists in brief that after the known processing - whitening and washing - the preparation becomes impregnated with methyl air of salicylic acid (it is the colourless liquid possessing strong refraction). The preparation of a rat, fish prepared thus, different parts of a human body, etc. immerse in the vessel filled with the same liquid.

At the same time, certainly, do not seek to reach full transparency of preparations as in this case they would become absolutely invisible, and therefore useless for the anatomist. But at desire it would be possible to reach also it. Of course, from here it is still far before implementation of an uellsovy utopia about the living person, transparent so that he is absolutely invisible. Far, in - the first because it is necessary to find a way to impregnate with the clarifying liquid of fabric of a live organism, without breaking its departures. In - the second, preparations of the prof. V. Shpaltegolts are only transparent, but are not invisible; fabrics of these preparations can be invisible only until they are shipped in a vessel with liquid of the corresponding refractivity. They will be invisible in air only when the index of refraction equals to index of refraction of air and as to reach it, nobody knows yet. But, let us assume, that will work well with time to achieve that and another and consequently, to achieve dream of the English novelist. However there is one but

There is a small circumstance which was missed by the witty author Invisible beings . It is a question of whether can invisible see . If Wells asked himself this question before to write the novel, history of the invisible man would never be written Really, in this point all illusion of power of the invisible person collapses. Invisible has to be grew blind! Why the hero of the novel is invisible? Because, that all parts of his body - including, and eyes - became transparent, and thus, the indicator of their refraction is equal to index of refraction of air.

We will remember in what the eye role consists: its crystalline lens, vitreous moisture and other parts refract rays of light so that on a mesh cover the image of external objects turns out. But if refractivity of an eye and air is identical, then the only cause causing refraction thereby is removed: passing from one environment into another of equal refractivity, beams do not change the direction, and therefore cannot gather in one point. Beams will pass through eyes of the invisible person absolutely freely, without refracting and without being late in them, in view of lack of a pigment, therefore, they cannot cause any image in his consciousness.

So, the invisible person cannot see anything. All its advantages are for it useless. So searching " caps of darkness; there is no sense to go on the way specified by Wells as even at full success, it cannot lead to the purpose - immense power of the invisible person. Well, and nothing remains to us how to continue to dream and invent new miracles, you see, without them the world would be not such interesting!