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You want good sex? Be not fond of work!

Sexopathologists joke: Work made a monkey the person. And then turned into the impotent man .

Unfortunately, in this joke there is a considerable element of truth. Recently sexologists sounded the alarm. In - the first, wives of the workaholics who are so strongly exhausted in a day that the thought of sex does not even come to their mind address them. And, in - the second, to experts husbands come. They complain not of impotence literally of this word, and of absence of desire.

Experts claim that similar situations became the sign phenomenon of the present, and not only in Russia, but also in the USA and in any other developed country. Business, work suck in as drug, and all energy of the person including sexual, is spent (psychoanalysts would tell - sublimates) on the main hobby. Growth of own professionalism carries away like gambling, care of prestige, increase own rating in the opinion of colleagues and competitors captures literally all thoughts of the workaholic.

Work and only work is capable to bring it true pleasure. Very many modern men actually forgot to have a rest and switch from one kind of activity to another. After the intense working day during which the man sometimes should take the risk, to manipulate competitors, it cannot be adjusted on a wave of true proximity and trust which are so necessary for the full-fledged sexual relations.

Worse than that - the workaholic does not find time for sex, even going on the vacation. While his girlfriend sunbathes and laps in the pool, the slave to own business conducts negotiations on mobile, works with papers or scribbles something in the laptop. And in time, free from major activities, it it is simple - naprosto sleeps off, by itself it turns out that holiday for it - the only time when it is possible to dare to have a sleep thoroughly.

There, you understand, not before love games with long prefaces caress, kisses and to that similar. The marked problem has also one more aspect. Workaholics get used to work and live at a frantic pace: to quickly hold negotiations, to move in space, to look through the press and, of course, - to make love. Five minutes of monotonous gestures - and to sleep. And there is no time to think of feelings of the partner. But fast spontaneous sex is good as a hot spice to the settled relations.

If the act is short always what to speak about its quality! And sex has great relaxation opportunities. The intimate proximity gives strong surge in positive emotions and restores physical forces. To men, which it is could but there is no wish, sexologists advise to overcome themselves. Otherwise the desire can forever be gone, and the workaholic will turn into the impotent man.

According to recently conducted researches of the American psychologists, business women in the sexuality strongly lag behind housewives. The explanation is simple: the one who is busy with work and career just has no time for the rest. Many working women complain of physical and moral exhaustion and absence of sexual desire. In effect, it is necessary modern active women more difficultly, than to men. They have to work, build career, win and hold men, give birth and raise children.

Free time of such woman is strictly dosed and is distributed between to make toilet to visit friends to communicate to the child and to watch video . After all this it is necessary only to fall to a bed, with horror thinking: Really still it is necessary to fulfill these damned matrimonial duties! . Psychologists consider: the more affairs in the daily log, the probability that the desire will be gone is stronger.

Conclusion: you want good sex? Be not fond of work!