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How effectively to communicate? Welcome

, everything it is obvious that effective communication is capable to strengthen human relations, to make them more confidential, reliable, sure as also the fact that inefficient communication conducts to dissonance in the relations, to growth of mistrust, envy and even hatred is obvious.

When the relations do not develop as we would like, we begin to be repaid often, looking for the reasons in the circumstances, other people, but without estimating soberly own behavior at all. And in most cases inefficient communication is and our contribution .

We will give the most typical behavior models of people which undermine both the relations in collective, and the personal relations. It is quite possible that some of us will tell that quite so they also conducted themselves in certain situations?!

Evasion from the conflict

Very much and very many people prefer to be silent long time (so far it is suffered!) and not to touch on an issue, considering that thus they save themselves from a stress. However even a worm will turn, and the person at some point just breaks, uttering everything that thinks, pouring out the rage, offense and even hatred. As a result of the relation descend simply on is not present .

As soon as the problem arises, it is necessary to discuss right there quietly it in collective, having proposed at this way of its solution. Open discussion and collaboration over a solution promote establishment of the confidential relations.

Protective reaction to claims from the management

Instead of objectively estimating and analysing claims from the management or other people, many right there try to be repaid, providing proofs of own innocence or a wrongfulness of opponents. And not one hour sometimes is spent for searches of telling arguments, and as a result of people begins to have the most severe stress and the relations with the management only become worse.

You learn to accept claims and objectively to estimate them, to ask for suggestions the management how to fix a problem.

A habit to generalize everything and to aggravate

As soon as in our life there is something that to us absolutely not to liking, many begin to exaggerate even more. So, for example, many resort to similar phrases yes you are always late yes you never do about what you are asked yes you never help me .

Stop arriving in this way and reflect, and really these people, indeed, do something in constantly same way?! Besides, you do not give those negative cases what already took place at an opportunity to be earlier. It warms up your indignation only even more, and the relations not from it become better.

A habit to consider itself always right

Remember that people can look on same differently, and, therefore, it is very difficult to establish what perception is correct, and what wrong. Everything in the world is relative. Do not demand that all thought in the same direction, as you, perceived these or those things as it is done by you. All have the right for own opinion, a way even other than yours.

You aspire always and in everything to reach compromise and to accept foreign opinion, remembering that both points of view can be true (everything depends on a point of view).

A habit not to listen

Many of us during conversation begin to interrupt each other, to distract from conversation, considering what else to tell instead of listening to speaking and to understand his opinion. As a result conversation turns out one-sided (everyone talked about the, and to a common denominator speaking did not come as did not listen to each other).

You learn to listen and hear speaking then will listen to you and will try to understand.

Game who whom

When difficult and inconsistent situations arise, many seek to screen right there themselves, rush with charges, criticism. However they are not ready to calm down and analyse a situation, own behavior for a minute and to understand and what personally they made not so. It is always easier to look for guilty, than to admit own guilt if it is.

You learn to analyze a situation and to look for a solution instead of being engaged in empty charges and to spend own nerves and energy for criticism of others.