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When I as the consultant, I face the concept “ motivation “ at the clients, usually it is generally about system of compensation. It is very important question, and there is one unique system of compensation which I recommend to many clients. However today I would like to tell about concept of motivation in a broad sense and about application of this concept of practical activities.

What most widespread of systems of motivation today? It “ Maslou`s pyramid “. Abraham Maslou was the president of the American psychological association in the middle of 20 - go centuries. As it is written in its official biography, he received degree of the doctor of philosophy, studying sexual behavior of primacies. I not absolutely understand what relation to philosophy innocent pranks of experimental chimpanzees have, but it is obvious that the theory of motivation of Maslou had under itself this basis. Look at its scale of the motivating factors, from “ the main “ or “ basic “ to “ less important “.

1. (Most basic) Physiological requirements - hunger, thirst, sex and other basic needs of the person.

2. Needs for safety - aspiration to safety and protection against physical and emotional injuries.

3. Needs for love (affiliation) - love, attachment, acceptance and friendship.

4. Needs for self-esteem - an autonomy, achievement of success, the status, recognition, attention.

5. Needs for self-updating (self-realization) - desire to become that whom the person is capable to be aspiration to growth, realization of the potential opportunities, to self-realization.

The sense of a pyramid is that when “ basic “ requirements are satisfied, then the person can be motivated with the following level. For now is not present - excuse … Why this theory is most known to

? Because train in it in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS in which the psychology is a sacred cow. Whether Maslou`s pyramid works? Look here at what. If it worked, or comprised though some effective technology, then nobody would employ consultants for development of systems of motivation. Any manager who got an education, for example MVA studied it. And now here employs the consultant. And matter is not that he badly studied, and that taught it not to that.

Maslou puts physiological requirements and need for safety in a pyramid basis, assimilating the person to an animal. But the person strongly differs from an animal, and difference it - in spirituality that it is difficult not to notice.

You will not find in this pyramid the level of motivation of the soldier rushing on an embrasure, and perishing for companions. Self-realization? You at once die, and cannot enjoy its fruits.

There are ten more of theories on the same subject created by psychologists, never and in anything not being capable to motivate people (show me the person who was podvignut on great fulfillments by the psychologist). All of them make the same mistake - confuse the person to an animal.

No who likes to consider himself as a big white monkey - please. Matter of taste.

“ On your belief yes will be to you “ as I read in some clever book.

Personally I in work use technology of motivation which is applicable in actual practice business and considers spiritual human nature. It is created by the classic of the American management L. Ron Hubbard and covers big area, than all theories of psychologists famous to me.

In practice this theory proved brilliantly. It was applied and applied in such organizations as “ KAMAZ “ for example, in service of accounts department. As allowed the chief accountant, Evgeny Goldfayn, several years in a row to receive a rank “ Accountant of year “ in Russia, and all its service in which more than three hundred employees, to deserve reputation of one of the most debugged corporate accounts departments.

It from the moment of the basis is used in “ Diskeeper corporation “ at the enterprise which writes programs for “ Microsoft “ being his strategic partner. This enterprise is included into Fortune500. Interview of the founder of the company to the " magazine; Wall Street “ in which he speaks about it: diskeepereurope. com/assets/_pdf/en/articles/the_wall_street_transcript. PDFs

use This technology in “BP“. I studied in due time at Bill Yokhonesson who within a year entered technology of management of Hubbard in this corporation. “ Hyulet - Pakkard “ “ " Mercedes; “ Nestle “ and many other organizations applied and apply this approach.

Hubbard uses the scale constructed from the weakest motivating force to the strongest. This scale.

The first (lowest) level of motivation are money. The fact is obvious, there is no sense to do of it secret or to try to veil in some way. I think, It should be noted such interesting moment: at higher levels of motivation echoes of lower levels remain, but they stop being something considerable. That is the person with the highest level of motivation anyway will be, at least it is a little, is interested in money.

Remember history, it is full of various wars. And with persistent constancy the same historic fact emerges. Troops of mercenaries always differed in exclusive love to money, and it served frequent the reason that they betrayed the “ employer “. And they did it at the most moment which is not suitable for it - when it finished money and when their help was especially necessary (at their this moment and bought up “ the competing structures “) . Level of motivation of hired soldiers was always low. They only wanted money. But it does not mean at all that they could not be used successfully. It was just necessary to know what they want, to give them it and to watch that somebody at the right time did not offer more. And unless not the set, both ordinary employees, and a top - managers works at such level now?

Level second: personal achievements.

It is obvious that it is higher level. The person feels significant, having reached something, rejoices to victories and tests self-esteem. Career development, achievements in projects, the won competitions belong to this level. The desire to receive the status in group belongs to the same category, it is not obligatory career. Many successful heads motivate employees at this level. For example, my colleague entered into the organizations of a rank, employees received increases for personal merits not only through work, to them could add “ stars on shoulder straps “ etc. There are many successful examples - the passing red banner, “ it is noted by an honor roll “ public encouragement. Managers of department And (losers) pay a glade for managers of department of the B who (won).

The employee with motivation level “ personal achievements “ needs money less (but often earns them more). For example, to the employee the standard of living of his family is important and if social package includes satisfaction that he considers as requirements of the family, then it can be content with a small salary and at the same time it will be more devoted to the firm encouraging its achievements, than “ mercenary “ which will leave behind any higher salary.

Maslou`s hypothesis, does not consider that there are levels more above though their existence is obvious. Besides she claims that higher levels are weaker, than basic. That incorrectly exactly the opposite.

Third level: personal conviction. This level is beyond needs of the person and includes participation in something significant for people around.

The person is confident that his organization, activity, production or services - the best. He is convinced that the purposes of his company are excellent, and answer its personal purpose. It is confident in the correctness. Such employee will work even at a low-paid position without prospects of growth, and at the same time his motivation will be higher, than at the careerist. And it will be more capable of feats for the sake of the company.

“ I work in Tarantino`s team! Let me be the junior assistant to the senior janitor on the platform, but I am involved in creation of masterpieces! I will not go to other team, not for all the tea in China! “

Other example - the powerful movement of fan clubs.

In business clever directors go all out to lift employees on this level of motivation, by experience understanding all benefits which will follow it. For example “ Nestle “. Well about what participation high it is possible to speak? Coffee and coffee, not the best. It appears (and this information is with an ulterior motive placed on the first page of the website “ Nestle “) in 1866 Henry of Nestle saved life of the premature child who was not perceiving maternal milk by means of the first dry mix invented by it. You feel, it already absolutely in a different way sounds?

Very much bright examples in military area. Hitler managed to install in souls of the German soldiers psychiatric idea about racial superiority of Germany, and this idea moved the German army, but not an opportunity to promote the officer. All great aggressive armies operated on this level of motivation, and all of them were destroyed by less prepared people with higher level of motivation - a debt.

Fourth level: debt.

It is the highest level of motivation. Psychologists could not describe it though it is obvious as there will hardly be at least one famous psychologist who would be absorbed by call of duty. The highest driving force for the psychologist - personal achievements that is clearly demonstrated by Maslou`s pyramid.

Scientist, arts, religions, philosopher, owner of business, military. … Anywhere it is possible to find manifestation of genuine call of duty before others. Also it is possible to show visually that nobody works hard so and does not treat difficulties and deprivations as haughtily as the person whose motivation level - a debt.

Remember Samurais, with their cult of call of duty. Or the soldiers of Red army who were at war for the Homeland against more provided and the trained army of Germany. Take the seaman who fights against a storm for the sake of the team, and gives life for companions.

Look at the parents who were full of call of duty to a family.

Look at the director of corporation who does not sleep at the nights, thinking of destiny of the enterprise. Whether Ford, Carnegie or Hersha dreamed of self-realization when they operated already developed corporations, and were business stars? It is unlikely, they already achieved the self-realization objectives. That moved them, so this call of duty before employees, customers and society. Bill Gates, apparently, too self-actualized for a long time …

Or look at the engineer who considers that his debt - to perform a task, by all means, differently it will bring all team. Whether he worries only about the reputation? Some psychologist could tell that yes, it is exclusive. Less cynical person capable to observe would see that the true reasons of motivation at such person - a debt in relation to others.

The person with the highest level of motivation is capable to overcome the greatest number of difficulties on the way to the purpose.

Now about application of the aforesaid.

The main way which L. Ron Hubbard recommends to operate motivation of people, this report to employees of the purposes of owners of the company by means of the strong PR technologies. It is required to coordinate the purposes of owners, the top management and the purpose of rank-and-file members of group. It also relieves the top management of a half of all work on planning and works with orders - at high-motivated employees a personal responsibility are higher.

Here is how it looks in practice. Polls are the cornerstone of public relations. You ask employees for the sake of what they work for the sake of what they came to this organization that here holds them. What personal aspirations at them for the sake of what it would be interesting to it to work. As a result of poll you receive reality of people, some regularities.

For example, you revealed that most of employees dream of the car. Motivation level - personal achievements. I observed such situation in the Moscow climatic firm “ Ventreyd “. Heads of firm arranged competition between employees in their personal indicators, having promised the winner in the end of the year the car. Stood on their corporate party devoted to birthday of the organization “ The Field - the Chevrolet “ tied up by a ribbon. And keys from it at all handed to the chief of service of service which became a winner. This inexpensive car and constant attention to game helped the organization to set up an annual record according to the income, as was the purpose of owners.

And here one of a set of ways as it is possible to raise motivation level. Survey on universal values is conducted. It becomes clear that people consider fine, disgusting for the sake of what it is worth living that should be helped what it is necessary to fight etc. against. Let`s assume that the most general button appeared “ children “. So, the organization looks after kindergarten, sponsors orphanage, builds the pool for children of employees, organizes children`s parties - what money will be enough for. And when people see that the organization makes a disinterested contribution to children, they are filled with pride of the firm. Further by means of PR to the employees the purposes of the owner of firm concerning production move ahead, and the management tries to obtain their coordination with the personal purposes of employees. I will note once again that survey, and " was conducted previously; children “ there was the most popular button.

Quite so in due time Oleg`s team Deripaska arrived. If you remember, sharp take-off “ Siberian " aluminum; was followed by magnificent public relations. In the press constantly there was information on how care for personnel “ Siberian " aluminum; what in it is mute social programs and as many enterprise does for society are carried out. Workers just stood in turn to get to young concern. That a little earlier in command for a position of the CEO of " plant; Sayansk foil “ the main in those days " plant; Siberian " aluminum; Alexander Smetanin who was the deputy director on PR college of Hubbard on management to business it was invited does not belong at all and, from my point of view, is just casual coincidence.

The motivation is inseparably linked with PR. Much more than with system of compensation.

If you provide continuous informing employees on the social purposes of owners, will do intra company programs for public relations only on the basis of polls, and will use at the same time the correct, efficient theory of motivation, you will manage not only to use most effectively existing level of motivation of people, but also to lift it.

Progress to you!