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How Gosha Kutsenko earns? You Remember

how earlier, in the Soviet Union, it was accepted to be proud of the fellow countrymen who reached all-Union popularity? Were proud of all: beginning from leaders of production, and finishing the famous astronauts. Times of a planned economy, socialist competitions, five-years periods sank into oblivion Today other realities of life and other national idols. School students pretty often dream to become the rich businessmen famous for actors of cinema or glamourous a top - models.

I do not consider myself as the dreamer - the romantic and I look at life more rationally, but it does not mean that I have no idols. They serve for me as a subject not of worship, but admiration. In different spheres of life there are people on whom it would be desirable to equal or, at least, to adopt from them some lines.

But, as usual happens, idols for us remain something unattainable and far. It, such as, concept of haute couture. If you at least once happened to see displays of haute couture, you for certain were surprised - as well as where it it is possible to put on? And designers explain: the pier, haute couture is not that you will put on tomorrow and will go, is what you aspire to and that would like to carry

Here and with idols. You like Gosha Kutsenko, you want to resemble him, but you will not become. It is to such itself the hero of your imagination. Dreamed, distracted and returned to everyday life. Today this actor with a head of hear Kotovsk is known, perhaps, by all. But I was before all. I watch his career long ago. He is my fellow countryman. Gosha was born and carried out part of the childhood to Zaporizhia where I now also live. With its advance in a film world, also my attention to it amplified. And not only after made a noise Anti-killer with its participation in a leading role. Then you will not list all its movies. Whether a joke - more than 80 pictures in nearly 20 years of work.

Gosha not only became popular, but also makes a maximum of efforts to remain at popularity peak. I am imposed also by the fact that my fellow countryman, except work at cinema, is both an actor of theater and the co-owner of film company, he finds time for visit of the presentations and parties, and also is fond of extreme sports (a snowboard, karting, boxing). Plus - Gosha writes verses and sings songs of own composition.

And despite such busy schedule and lack of free time, the actor found an opportunity to involve himself in one field - the foreign exchange market. I incidentally learned about it literally the other day, watching video on YouTube:

In this roller Gosha told
that he began to invest Forex in the foreign exchange market and is happy with results. It is about the Forex company - Trend to which professional traders Gosha entrusted in management the investments.

Money needs to be earned and they have to make profit. I liked results of managing directors of PAMM - the accounts and I began to invest. There passed half a year and I am happy. - Gosha speaks. - Get used to work with the best. It is a favorable habit!

I more than once met on the Internet information that show stars - business invest Forex in the market. I did not pay special attention to it. Everyone earns as he can. However, when my idol also started talking about Forex, I closely became interested in an income subject on Forex. It is the passive income which is not demanding any efforts from the investor who only brings investments and gets profit at the end of each trade period. To people with a mad rhythm of life - it is very convenient and favorable. Means constantly are under control of the investor who can remove them at any time. It is possible to entrust the money to one managing director, and accounts of several managing directors can attach the account to PAMM at once. It will spread risks of possible losses.

Having visited the website of the Forex company - Trend in which Gosha Kutsenko, www invests. fx - trend. com, I understood that process of investment is extremely simple. Is explained by available language the website how to be registered, open the account where and what managing directors to elect how to understand conditions of investment and even to make the own Offer. Plus - the round-the-clock service of information support.

Has to admit that now Gosha Kutsenko personally for me passed from category of unattainable idols of whom only dream, in mentors who the personal real success set you an example and the guide to action.

Half a year of investment - and I am happy - Gosha says. Still - on Forex the profit in a month can grow such rates, as on the bank deposit in a year! Therefore I decided to listen to Gosha Kutsenko`s recommendations and too to become the investor!