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What refined sauce Narsharab will surprise gourmets with?

the Caucasus are not just geographical boundary between Europe and Asia, it is the nature, surprising on beauty, the original people, picturesque culture and, of course, unique hospitality! The tradition of hospitality is esteemed in the Caucasus as the greatest virtue and observed especially carefully. Got on a visit - be going to try tens of unforgettable dishes, the kitchen of each Caucasian people is in own way unique. Locals were always able to appreciate the wealth presented to them by the nature and it found bright reflection in features of their national culinary art.

of Grenades

of Grenades - one of the most ancient fruits known to the person. Ancient Egyptians used this fruit for a gift to gods. In ancient Rome beautifully cut pomegranate was served at the end of a meal - fairly was considered that it improves digestion. But especially loved pomegranate in the east, read it as the king of fruits, the structure of its chashelistik really reminds the real royal crown. From it prepared water-ices and sweets, wines and sauces. This turned sour - the sweet fruit comprises several hundreds of the most tasty seeds with transparent juicy pulp of ruby color and is literally the vitamin storeroom. Garnet juice since ancient times is considered medicinal drink, it is rich with ascorbic acid, various fruit acids, B1 and B2 vitamins, polyphenols, mineral substances (iron, silicon, calcium, potassium).

Advantages of this surprising fruit can be listed still very long, but we will return to cookery sauce History Narsharab Traditional garnet sauce Narsharab is known to


in Azerbaijan many centuries. In translation from Azerbaijani plank beds - pomegranate, sharab - wine. On color and a consistence narsharab really reminds dense red wine, and its tart, a little sweetish taste is capable to win the heart of any gourmet.

Narsharab receive by method of solidification of garnet juice up to 20% of initial volume, then there add sugar, a basil, a coriander, cinnamon, bay leaf in certain proportions. Sauce turns out surprisingly tasty and is fine addition of the daily menu or a holiday table. Narsharab is ideally suited as to meat, and fish dishes.

Refined sauce Narsharab

Having addressed recipes which many centuries by right take a place of honor in traditional Caucasian cookery, already more than 10 years " company; Darsil lets out ready sauces under the " trademark; KINTO . All production is made only from natural raw materials of the superior quality, without use of dyes, preservatives and other artificial additives. Being harmoniously combined with many products, sauces and   seasonings ; KINTO give unique color to any dish.

In 2010 the " company; Darsil let out absolutely new taste of traditional sauce narsharab, Tabasco which is harmoniously combining sharpness of pepper and turned sour - sweet taste of pomegranate. Thanks to modern production technologies, the " company; Darsil it was succeeded to inform carefully consumers of traditional unique taste and quality of both sauces. New sauce received the name Narsharab garnet it is sweet - sharp .

The unusual interlacing of tastes and aromas will not disappoint true admirers of Caucasian cuisine in new sauce. This sauce will make any menu not just bright and various, but also very useful, thanks to the most valuable properties of pomegranate. Try Narsharab garnet it is sweet - sharp the " trademark; KINTO - and you will plunge into the warm atmosphere of the hospitable Caucasus at once!