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and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour


and When wit not to be born, and to be squeezed out violently as paste from a tube - it turns out stupid.

pz Wit keeps on surprise and speed. there is no

p own wit - keep the quote in a stock.

and the Fool makes jokes silly, roughly and not vpopad.

p Wit should not be long.

p Than is less than wit - that it is more valuable.

p can replace with Wit a fist.

to Sharpness - beats without miss.

p Wit is noble only in protection - in attack from it blows as insidiousness.

and Wit - one of rare qualities of people.

and Wit - one of qualities of successfully winning heart.

and Wit it is the simplest to win sympathy of people.

z Wit quality more congenital, than acquired.

z Sharpness strengthens brevity.


and One of the main purposes of humour - education.

p to the Fool - is better to be silent, as a last resort - to say, but by no means - not to joke.

and In anything so does not reveal nonsense - as in humour. p - it is reasonable for

to use Humour as wine moderately.

and One dream - to be able to joke, others - to be serious, the third do not know - as will learn to constrain jokes, and only at the fourth all are normal - in serious life there is always a place for a timely joke.

and One of serious shortcomings of the person - misunderstanding of humour.

and Humour - does not suffer an excess.

to Humour - is rest.

pz the Humour which is not supplemented by satire - is empty.

and Humour - a hostility hindrance.

p Humour - the best exit from an awkward situation.

p Humour decorates life.

p more life saddens Black humour - than decorates.

and the Successful humour - lifts to the person authority and does it more attractive, unfortunate and trite - on the contrary. z Juvenile children are not capable to tell to

ridiculous is realized.

p Humour - the best preparation for serious business.

and Humour treats cardiac wounds.

to Reasonable humour - gravity not a hindrance.

and Humour recovers conversation.

and Sense of humour does the person more attractive.

and the Person without sense of humour is defective.

and Humour of people pulls together.

pz Humour helps to smooth a conflict situation.

p not to seem the fool, without knowing the answer to a question, - answer with humour.

and The easiest to fools to treat with humour.

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