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Failures of boxers - talkers.

Recently the interesting tendency was outlined in boxing: fans to talk, in every possible way glorifying themselves before fight, or offending the future rival, as a result leave a ring beaten. Ricardo Mayorga`s

before fight with Felix Trinidad with all the heart threw at it mud and promised that the Puerto-Rican will not hold on on a ring and couples of rounds, as a result itself was cruelly beaten and knocked out.

It is remarkable that in its recent duel against Oscar De La Hoya, everything repeated one in one. Several months Oscar told Mayorga what pettiness and that he with it is going to make. Result - again severe beating and a knockout.

Samuel Petter calling Vladimir Klitschko “the walking dead person“ could not win against him any round.

Chris Byrd promising to surprise, and then to knock out Vladimir in fight itself was surprised with the helplessness and knocked out. Subsequently two more opponents of Vladimir Klitschko (Calvin Brock and Ray Austen), before fight on the left and to the right telling that by Klitschko for them not the rival, were knocked out.

The American Jeff Lacey who was considered very perspective razgromno lost to British Joe Calzaghe to fight in general considered the victory as the solved business. As, however, and Leymon Brewster who lost to Belarusian Sergey Lyakhovich and Fernando Vargas who conceded to Shane Mosli...

Still it is possible to remember the scandalous Zab Judah who got beaten in the two last fights and the famous fan of literature - James Tony, on silly the gain of champion belts which failed both attempts in a super heavyweight.

“I am a Wizard!“, “I have in a stock the whole bag of tricks!“, “Kotto thinks that he will come to a ring and knocks out me. The reality will become for it shock! “ - here only the little from what was told by Paul Malinyaggi before fight with Miguel Cotto. However already in the second round he appeared on a floor, and in spite of the fact that managed to rise and continue fight, made nothing of the promised Malinyaggi. As a result, defeat and hospital where it went after fight with suspicion to a fracture of a jaw and a crack of the right cheekbone.

But further all Antonio Tarver went. On everyone a press - conferences, in each interview, it was over and over again started up in reflections about the role in boxing: “I move to another dimension. I have so many sides which I want to show. To give all the chance to see that when God endowed me with talent, he made it generously. I already far came. I am 37 years old, and on my face there is no mark. Never it was painful to me. God was kind to me. It kept me for something fine. And you will see it on June 10. I will get rid of Bernard Hopkins once and for all“.

It even reached that concluded a bet for 250 thousand dollars that will be able to knock out Hopkins to the sixth round …

Is obvious, many believed too garrulous Tarver and at the time of fight of a rate on its victory were accepted 3 to 1.

However what occurred in fight was expected, probably, by nobody. Bernard Hopkins to whom by the way goes 42 - y year, acting in weight category, new to itself, literally crushed Antonio Tarver who was considered as the best light heavyweight of the world.

Hopkins from the very beginning took an initiative (that was not peculiar earlier to him) and forced the rival to move and miss much. From the second round it began to process actively Tarver`s case, managing to evade from his counterattacks and stopping all attacking Antonio`s rushes.

In the fifth round Tarver passed powerful blow on the right and nearly it appeared in a knock-down.

Further Hopkins still successfully intercepted practically all attacks of Tarver, answering his dzheba with fast blows right. By the end of a duel Tarver`s blows obviously lost the force, and Hopkins already ceased to pay attention to them. Hopkins also looked much stronger than Tarver and in purely power fight, constantly forcing it to move back back. To the tenth round both eyes of Tarver swelled up and began to be closed.

Bernard Hopkins`s victory the unanimous decision of judges became a natural result: 118 - 109 in all judicial notes.

Shame of the cancelled “Murderer of legends“ and more than worthy completion of career of the great boxer!