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Whether it is necessary to know HTML or it is possible to manage the designer of the websites or CMS?

All ways of creation of the website can be divided into three categories conditionally. Two last ways are and there are those new technologies and programs.

you can:

1) to create the website manually, by means of HTML, CSS, PHP;

2) to use the designer of the websites;

3) to install a control system of content (CMS) on the website.

Let`s treat each option apart and we will try to find out its features.

1) HTML is a hypertext markup language. We type the text certain rules and we receive beautiful a web - the page. So to say: it is the most labor-consuming way of creation of the website. To be convinced of it, it is enough to open a code even of small html - the page and to see how much there it is written. It is hard to gather so much code even if you will use html - the editor, isn`t that so? And if in this code it is necessary to change something, you represent, what is the time on it can leave?

2) The designer of the website - this program which allows from ready templates to create your own website.

First of all, programs such can be divided into two groups:

- Off - line designers - can work also without connection to the Internet. The only thing when this connection is required to you - it is when it is necessary to publish the website in a network or to make changes to already working website.

- On - line designers - here all on the contrary. All process of creation of the website happens directly in the Network.

The possibility of such programs of subjects has more, than more you pay for them. If you use the free version, then you risk to be disappointed strongly. Usually paid versions of designers of the websites give the chance:

- quickly to change design of the website;

- to edit the website in on the mode - line;

- to connect program modules (services of search in the website, vote, feedback, a news line, etc.) ;

- to address in a support service.

What free versions can? Here everything depends on what you use. But most often free designers of the websites have several templates of registrations in the arsenal and, in principle, on it their opportunities are exhausted.

3) CMS (Control system of content). Represents the program written in language a web - programming which is established on your website and completely operates information on it. Having installed such system, it is not necessary to care for design, it is rather simple to enter the text and the contents. All the rest will be made by the program. My opinion: this most functional decision. There are all opportunities for creation of the professional website. It is possible to manage such website directly in on the mode - line. The most important - here it is possible to find very even not bad free solutions.

But whatever attractive these new technologies and programs, from knowledge of HTML, CSS, etc. seemed to us. all of them - do not release. Yes, I do not argue that it is possible to create the website and without this knowledge, but to support him viable, popular and well-known it will hardly be possible.

It is known that in the ways which I gave above the website is created from ready templates. You depend on them. Present that you need to finish some trifle, and there is no such template just. What to do? And it is simply vital to establish this completion well. It is good if you use paid CMS or the designer of the website with a support service. In this case you can write the letter, and for you will create the personal template. And if there is no opportunity to use paid services? Then it is necessary to study HTML and to do everything. On free systems you will be helped by nobody.

I consider that the person who was going to create the website on the Internet anyway have to have at least basic knowledge on HTML. For example, when I publish new release of mailing, I publish new article and even I leave the message in a forum, to me to have to use HTML. You represent, and it is only a small share of the fact that it is necessary to do a web - to the builder!

But there are also exceptions. There are people to whom registration is not so important and opportunities special are not necessary. They simply need the website which stores a little information. Usually it pass - the websites which consist of several pages. For example, pass - the websites often use the small organizations for the publication of information on themselves. It can be the websites of various pleasure institutions, circles, sections, a fire brigade, small shop and another. Their main goal - to tell people on the Internet that there is such place. For such a case it is quite enough designer of the website or CMS.

Well, that`s all, that I wanted to tell you in this article. I hope that though it is a little, but helped you to be defined.

of Progress to you!