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How it is free and with pleasure to learn English?

are simple to Learn English! Down with dry textbooks and boring occupations! Study English for yourself, in the pleasure and as it is interesting to you! Let`s look how you with it can be helped by the LinguaLeo service:

Service allows to master English through video, audio and texts created by native speakers. At the same time convenient tools for development of new words in a context are used. Service is created for people who want to develop quickly perception aurally of the live English speech and to increase a lexicon.

LinguaLeo is based on 5 effective principles of studying of language: motivation to studying; perception of a living language; copying of native speakers; regularity; optimum intensity.

The user quickly expands a lexicon and perception aurally through development of interesting multimedia content and storing of words in a context.

After simple registration of LinguaLeo. ru will suggest to specify the current level of proficiency in English. It is possible to specify the mode of intensity or term of achievement of target level.

All users receive the personal pet. His name is Lingualev. He demands daily leaving and food. Itself says that he wants to do: to master new content, to train words, etc. Service recommends the volume of day activity on studying of language and displays it in the monitor of hunger of a lion. The total amount of the passable way can be seen in the index of progress which always on a look.

On the website you will find the whole collection of video, audio recordings and texts in the original. Clips, rollers, the presentations, reportings, audiobooks - all in English.

All content is easily filtered and sorted by a format, complexity level, volume and the interesting subject. Each user can add the content to the Jungle - a collection of English-speaking content. When you read the text, you can transfer unknown words to one click and to see the translation of the whole phrases, allocating them in the text. Near the text the contextual dictionary of the translated words and phrases is created (service uses the statistical user dictionary - the translator).

New words and phrases are included in the personal dictionary together with a context of their use. For strong storing there are three levels of the exercise machine of words. After passing of the first level of the word get on the second, and then on the third, and after it are strongly remembered and fill up a lexicon.

Quests - the important game component immersing you in the atmosphere of the Jungle. From the first day on service you can pass (at will) kvestovy tasks which tell about opportunities of LinguaLeo and conduct a right course to success in knowledge of English. Your way is followed by dynamic hints from Leo who consistently explains the interface of service and methods of training.

And for effective storing of words on the website is the whole 6 types of trainings:

We invite to look at service in operation - LinguaLeo. Write ru

about your impressions, ideas and wishes!