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As in the family way to use an aromamasl? Surprises of pregnancy of

Expectation of the kid is remarkable time of changes and opening. Pregnancy gives us the mass of surprises. They can be amusing - for example, every day an opportunity to see the slippers decreases in proportion to the size of the growing stomach. Surprises can be concerning - well who there, the boy, the girl or the boy and the girl? And there are same concerning, but less pleasant surprises - extensions, heat-spots, the changed shape of a breast, gaps at the time of delivery and so on.

On the one hand, such troubles can sadden several both our mood, and a light image the best time in the woman`s life . On the other hand, to them it is possible and it is even necessary to treat philosophically, with understanding - extensions, pigmentary spots, varicosity, the aching waist - natural manifestations of your situation, they symbolize about reorganizations of your organism.

And from the third point of view, all these surprises - symbols not only changes. Their emergence means - you need special care now.

Is valid, the girl in the situation needs more sensitive relation to the body and attentive care of it - now its health is health of her kid. Very important and the fact that the correct personal care allows to prepare the body for childbirth - to reduce risk of emergence of gaps, for example.

during pregnancy speaks well for special care of itself also the following fact: the psychological state of future mother also if it is no more, is important for normal course of pregnancy as physical. And if we are pleasant to ourselves, we look good, positive emotions normalize your hormonal background and are transferred to the kid.

So, personal care of the girl in situation assumes that it is desirable for it to watch over the health, to look after the skin and hair (because changes of a hormonal background influence skin incredibly strongly), to be prepared for childbirth and to help a body to be restored after them.

How it can be made? Physical activities are recommended is dosed and, alas, not by all. And here massage (except for individual contraindications) is very useful to girls in situation - it weakens, relieves pain, tones up, increases immunity. And if to add special oils to massage, then you will be able to achieve a bigger effect - to prevent emergence of cellulitis or extensions, to humidify and saturate skin, to reduce the level of a stress and even to stimulate regeneration of cells of skin!

Aromatic oils - really a product for girls in situation, you judge, oil - means absolutely natural, at the same time very effective and, as a rule, multipurpose. For example, oil of tangerine not only increases elasticity of fabric, but also tones up, and oil of a pine disinfects and weakens.

At the choice of oils it makes sense to consider several nuances:

it is better for span to buy the compositions made especially for pregnant women. (For example made Israeli firm BABY TEVA .) In - the first, they are made of oils, safe for future mothers. In - the second, such complexes at the expense of specially picked up structure work more effectively than one oil.

needs to Buy the production only checked, proved which passed clinical tests.

Before use needs to study rules of use of oils and, perhaps, to consult with the doctor.

During pregnancy of women two problems most often disturb: emergence of heat-spots and pigmentary spots and emergence of extensions. And, if the person after the delivery settles into shape after a while together with a hormonal background, to get rid of extensions (or striya ) much more difficult and not always effectively. Therefore it is better to prevent their emergence, using special oil from extensions from a series of special cosmetics BABY TEVA Bella mama oil . This means increases elasticity of skin and stimulate cell regeneration, preventing emergence of extensions. It is necessary to apply oil in the morning and in the evening with the easy massing movements on a breast, a stomach, and also those places where you noticed the outlined striya. Cosmetologists recommend to begin to use means from 4 - 5 months - to increase elasticity of skin and to prepare it for stretching. If extensions already are, it is worth not to beginning to worry, and to buy oil as soon as possible. Fresh the qualitative cosmetics eliminates striya very effectively, after a while skin is smoothed, its color and structure is leveled.

Time of childbirth approaches. For certain, you have already heard a lot about obligatory gaps or even an epiziotomiya - a surgical section of a crotch which is carried out to avoid ruptures of tissue of crotch. Statistically, the epiziotomiya is done by 70% of the giving birth women. Unfortunately, very few people know that gaps can be prevented and to make it absolutely easily. Since 35th week it is necessary to carry out massage of a crotch, it is better in a complex with   special oil ; Peri oil which will increase elasticity of fabrics and will prepare them for childbirth. Massage becomes every day, after a warm shower or a bathtub as follows: plentifully grease area of a crotch outside with oil, then enter into a vagina on 2 - 3 cm well oiled finger or two. Begin to make the pressing shaking movements on a back wall of a vagina (closest to intestines) to feeling of feeling of a tension and a pricking. Take minute - release. In several seconds repeat, continue within 5 - 7 minutes. Then to grease a crotch outside with oil once again. Ideally future father has to do you massage.

Sometimes childbirth leaves about themselves memory in the form of seams - from nevertheless the happened gaps or Cesarean section. Seams in the course of healing can deliver many unpleasant minutes, besides, they demand leaving. Usually even quite safe childbirth reminds of themselves unpleasant feelings for a long time. Even if the crotch is at the time of delivery not injured, it surely underwent considerable stretching and squeezing. Anyway special leaving is after the delivery necessary for you. In order that seams disturbed you less and began to live quicker, at first you will need to avoid tension and active physical occupations. Besides, from the first days you can already help yourself in addition - by means of the healing   oil ; Stitol oil for a crotch and postoperative seams. The similar complex containing specially selected natural extracts of herbs alleviates pain, stimulates growth of cages, restores local immunity, protects from bacteria and reduces an inflammation - that is very important for the woman who absolutely has no time to feel now discomfort. It had one more little man who is constantly needing care and love!