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Why melodies get stuck in the head?

These songs and melodies importunately sound at us in the head, getting stuck for long time. You sing them, you whistle, you tick fingers, them you enclose under the movements. They do not want to leave. Also there are no guaranteed ways to get rid of them.

Almost 98% of people have songs which to them thrust in the heads and which are cyclically scrolled in a brain, being a reason for irritability and exhaustion. It can be also a song Mus - pus and Makarena but hardly betkhovensky Appassionata or organ music.

As a rule, women are more susceptible to persuasive melodies, than men, and music lovers - more all others. By results of researches of the American scientists in a rating of musical neuroparasites songs with words (74%) are in the lead, commercial songs - slogans (15%) and tool melodies without words (11%) follow further. However, almost any song can sink down in the head if it is constantly twisted on air.

It was established that the most persuasive are fragments of plain motives with numerous repetitions (most often pop songs) and, the main thing, with any unfinished or unexpected " template;: the interrupted harmony, sharp change of a rhythm or unexpected transition from a major to a minor and vice versa.

For this reason become most rare neuroparasites fragments of classical works or the jazz: in the first - few banal courses and repetitions, secondly - are too much fragmentary rhythm and often not enough natural, easily remembered, the courses. Besides, rich polyphony is characteristic of the jazz and classics that also complicates involuntary storing.

One more interesting feature is found out - in the head those fragments of melodies which the person heard at the beginning or at the end of any concrete and isolated cycle of actions or during events, significant for it, most often get stuck. In other words, chances to turn in the head most of all of a song which you is casual hooked an ear coming on conversation to the director, or listened on radio how to switch off ignition and to go out of the car.

How to get rid of this misfortune? Nobody gives the general recommendations. to Try to dismiss

it is almost useless. Compulsory replacement of a melody does not work here - instead of one song people often begin to sing another.

Sometimes helps to listen to the song completely several times in a row and to be sated. One more of ways to get rid of the importunate song which got stuck in the head it to sing it to somebody. And popular wisdom offers: to get rid of the motive which stuck in teeth, it is necessary to chew a cinnamon branch.

However, one certain way, probably, is available - it is to occupy the head with really serious business demanding considerable intellectual concentration or strong-willed efforts.