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Where to take money for training? JobsMarket added into accounts of users 30 million rubles

On the website edu. jobsmarket. ru to users added more than 30 million EduMoney that they could pay any course. by

On the Internet realized the social project, unknown on scales, in the market of additional professional education. On the website jobsmarket. ru into accounts of users is added more than 30 million. I eat (there correspond 30 million rubles) for payment of educational actions and participation in a competition of grants on training.

< (I eat) b> EduMoney - it is special internal currency of the website edu. jobsmarket. ru created for realization of social mission of Group of the JobsMarket projects: to give to people the chance to gain necessary knowledge and skills for growth and development in professional activity, increases of competitiveness in labor market. EduMoney is an activator of career development!

It is special currency. The JobsMarket company stimulates the professional growth and career of users and charges to them money for the account for various activities which promotes their professional development, career planning, the help to friends and other users in professional growth.

For receiving EduMoney it is enough to user to be registered, subscribe to newsletter of new actions for the interesting subject and then regularly to look through those programs of training which are interesting. Users receive money for a subscription, viewing of letters and the invitation of friends to the website.

The user can exchange EduMoney for full or partial payment of the actions posted on the website and also for voices, for a victory in a competition of grants Dreams come true! .

Alla Noskov, the CEO of JobsMarket, told to what effect will lead emergence of EduMoney in the market of additional professional education about the vision:

We specialize more than three years in advance of educational products and well we know that the main problem of demand for programs of additional education in B2C a segment is a lack of real mechanisms of updating of need for receiving additional education. All people have this requirement, just it, as a rule, becomes actual at the crisis moments of career of the person. Very few people purposefully plan and develop career.

EduMoney is a universal activator of need for training and development. When on the account money is, the person has an incentive to the choice of courses for which it can spend them. During process of the choice of the program of training, people obtains information which allows it to plan more accurately the professional development, to make plans of career development.

But it only half-affairs. We had to create also for the educational companies motivator that they could make the social contribution. And we thought up system of priority advance of actions with such social contribution (full or partial payment for EduMoney). I believed that this most difficult. But for the first 4 days of the project our clients published 125 actions with payment for EduMoney. A total social contribution of these programs of training - about 2 million rubles!

If business goes and further, then in a year EduMoney turn (money on accounts of users + a social contribution of the companies) will be not less than half a billion rubles. Such money supply having actual value for users is capable to change seriously a situation in the market of additional professional education, to increase market capacity in general, and, above all to bring to people notable benefit .

Brief information on the company:

Group of the JobsMarket projects (LLC " company; Jobs Market ) since 2005 realizes the online projects of a social orientation connected with development of labor market and additional professional education.

Projects of the company the expressed social orientation, innovative approach to creation of products for users, deep understanding distinguishes business - processes of the markets at which the company works.

Website jobsmarket. ru was started in May, 2010 and less than in a year became the absolute leader in the subject by the number of visitors and by the number of the actions placed on it. Such popularity of the website was reached thanks to the social " project; The Competition of grants on a vocational education Dreams come true! . 12 competitions in which 18 000 people participated are held. 49 winners received 1 420 000 rub on training payment. All projects of the company>>>