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What are taken in astronauts? As well as to most of the Soviet children - in space I wanted


Especially after reading of the book Respond, Martians! and movie Moscow - Cassiopeia where assigned the most responsible mission which could be thought up - Citizens and Messengers of Earth to a small group of teenagers.

And if to be extremely honest - I wanted to set a starprobe vehicle to Mars under the sensitive guide of the person similar to Yury Gagarin. Still in To the Alphabet his portrait attracted me much more than everyones mothers and frames Surprising charm of this person, tremendous smile and legendary Let`s roll! - are well-known. I was interested in the little-known, but indicative fact which occurred long before the first flight.

Fall of 1960, Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov, accepting future astronauts - the main testers of our piloted production told them, young, vigorous, about the spaceship device, prospects of its improvement, about requirements to the astronaut. Young pilots understood that to them it is prepared destiny. All it seemed to

fantastic, unreal: sterile purity, the ideal organization floating under a roof unprecedented till this moment the piloted production .

- And now it is possible to look at the ship. Who wishes? - Pointed queens by gesture to a spherical subject with the hatch above.

- Allow me? - the senior lieutenant Gagarin addressed.

Main with undisguised curiosity looked at the pilot.

- you? Please.

Gagarin promptly approached a sphere - the ship, stopped, touched rough metal, smiled. All patiently waited for

. None of future astronauts were in a cabin of the real spaceship yet. Gagarin undertook a step-ladder hand-rail, prepared to habitual as when landing in the fighter, to a prompt jump, and then unexpectedly for attendees fell by tarpaulin and... took off boots as if entering a pure log hut.

Then Sergey Pavlovich will tell:

- What deep, respect for work of companions!

I on April 8, 1961, having learned about the offer to appoint Yu. Gagarin the commander of the first piloted ship - the " satellite; East the designer will think of successful and sign coincidence...

Today the person goes for space watch quietly and efficiently. Star romanticism recedes before pressing problems and questions of practical character. The person going to space has to operate freely with a huge number of scientific disciplines, it is just interesting have the individual research program and molybdenic nerves

A to me how many young astronauts, for the first time going aboard the ship, take off boots ?