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Why on English without fools language is really learned?

of the Reason, inducing to studying of English, can be different. Someone dreams to achieve heights in programming, someone - to go round the whole world, at the same time fully communicating with natives and colleagues - travelers, and someone is modest as I, see myself future mother-in-law of the British prince or the lord. The first dazzling successes of my daughter in language acquisition of Shakespeare and Kipling roused me to searches for her thorough linguistic help.

My captious maternal choice fell on the Internet - the " resource; English without fools giving an opportunity to take free lessons of English online according to with own hand established schedule of occupations and really available preparation level. I was intrigued by the graceful ambiguity of the name of this website seasoned with a pinch of sound English humour. Everything is correct: and fools - without English , - I thought, surely pressing the " button; To Pass an educational program colors of my dream on the main page.

of Together

the Word together in Russian means forever

together - this key concept for the description of all process of studying of language by means of the " service; English without fools .

The other network resources which were taking part in the casting arranged with me on a rank of the most worthy training institution offered use only of single ways of studying of language at choice: audition, either reading, or transfer. And in our project the complete set of the most progressive and demanded methods gathered, together, in total, like members of noisy and amicable family, living under the same roof the big and hospitable house amicably gets on.

We accent the efforts not only on studying of grammar or only formation of a lexicon, and we have a possibility of combination of all existing aspects of training, plunging into the bottomless ocean of English: we learn new words and grammatical rules, we read texts, we listen to songs (and I even sing along, false, but with all the heart!) we translate fragments from acquaintances and the books loved since the childhood, we carry out written exercises, we watch fragments of remarkable movies.

Service provides a possibility of training of students with different levels of preparation: those who take only the first steps on the way to the tempting woods of English, and those who already managed to pobluzhdat on its jungle, having safely reached a cozy edge at top of the first mountain. For me it became a remarkable opportunity to practice on one the training service together with the daughter.

However, future specialist in the field of the English lexicon and grammar tries to distribute tasks and lessons not on degree of their complexity, and is exclusive on their subject, choosing for itself the questions connected with keeping of pets, invitations to appointment and declarations of love generous leaving for me tasks of application of numerals and search of a blue anthrax and other diamonds.

It is pleasant to me that we with the daughter do not feel like backward mute turncoats by this ship of experts on English. Here the real command spirit allowing all students to stick to together - and with each other, and with organizers of educational process reigns. To our services - system of search on the website, a form of direct link with the management of the project and a forum at which not only administrators, but also old residents of a resource answer questions of beginners. Cases of emergence of the new training sections at the initiative of students are frequent: so, to emergence of a heading of songs in English we are obliged to the classmate.

By the way, at a forum it is authorized not only to ask an accurate question about a concrete subject, but also to share own philosophical views about transience of terrestrial life and its changing values in general. For example, it is possible to discuss the principles of the choice of a nickname or to reflect why green color of eyes, such beautiful and even erotic for Russia, in English is considered a metaphor of envy of an irevnost.

And on the main page of the website photos of winners - activists of month that all of us knew the heroes by sight in turn flaunt. We with the daughter stocked up with the best pictures too - and suddenly and we sometime will manage to become Englishwomen of month ?

Studying of language - process difficult and not momentary, demanding differentiated and is frequent even an individual approach to each student. This serious business for which successful performance it is necessary to set the object, to appoint terms, to draw up the plan.

And of course, the result depends also from structured, multimediyno rich, authentic materials for the occupations presented on the website - those practical practices, the principles and approaches which work in the majority much better, than their other methodological relatives. The meeting of all these ways of acquisition of a foreign language under the uniform arch of the training service applied by people not indifferent, creative and skilled is a peculiar guarantor of the fact that participants of the " project; English without fools will achieve soon the dream which achievement is directly connected with knowledge of English.