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You know the first law of success in life?

First law of life:

All events has the reason; each consequence has a certain reason. (Brian Tracey)

Each action has the reason. Each action is a consequence something.

Everything in the world is interconnected.

I only began the career. Just today passed only year as I began the adult life. Exactly a year ago I saw what is business. I saw that in the world there is money, as if to tell it, incomparable with the state salary. I saw and wanted to have them.

Began to eat more than a half of all (Aristotle). Let that will reflect who does not agree with this quote. It is very difficult to begin business, on it it is required really a half of efforts. Yes, yes. It is necessary to lift the fifth point from a sofa, chairs, a chair, to tear off a look from the TV, the computer, to take away a hand from the refrigerator.

But this famous phrase it is possible to continue: The Termination is the second half of all . Because to finish begun - on it the second half of efforts will be required. Assiduity. Very often we do not finish any business because it bothers, the belief that the made efforts will bring result vanishes.

But we will return to a subject of our mailing.

First law of life:

All events has the reason; each consequence has a certain reason. (Brian Tracey)

Aristotle claimed that we live in the world which edits the law, but not a case. All occurs for some reason irrespective of, we know it or not. He said that each consequence has a certain reason or the reasons. Each reason or action has this or that consequence, we see it or not, we want that or not.

It is worth going outside to look at the road: Audi A4 - $35000, Peugeot of $407-30000, etc. And an average salary in Russia about 11 thousand rubles a month (400 US dollars), across Moscow about 14 t. river (500 US dollars). It is the simplest to envy about himself to luck of owners of these vehicles, owners of hundred-meter apartments (and in general to owners of own apartments), to owners of dachas on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea, to spit out on the earth and to go for work with usual irritation. Good luck, success. If to follow

to the first law of life. That any good luck or success is a consequence, that is good luck has a reason. The success is not a miracle.

The first law claims that wealth, happiness, prosperity and business success are direct or indirect consequences, or results, the concrete reasons or actions. It means that if you have a clear view of a desirable consequence, or result, then you can probably reach it. You can study actions of other people who achieved the same objectives, and, acting in accuracy as they acted to come to the same results.

Time they can why we cannot?

Action is necessary. It is necessary to begin. It is necessary to begin to work.

What you will seed, you will reap. (National proverb).

Good luck!!!